A Budget Solution For Governor Patrick!

Posted February 8th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Pay attention Duh-val!  This is WAY better than turning ‘non-violent’ drug offenders loose back into our communities:

2 Responses to “A Budget Solution For Governor Patrick!”

  1. Rabid Republican

    Maybe the Boston “news” organizations will pick this up and champion it. *smacks self on forehead… for being totally foolish. What was I thinking? rr

  2. MC

    Oklahoma has a State Wire Transfer Tax where they impose a $5 fee on wire transfers of $500 or less. And those over $500.00 are subject to a 1% fee. That moeny goes into the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Drug Money Laundering and Wire Transmitter Revolving Fund. There is a provision in the bill that allows legal residents to deduct the fee from their state income taxes if they have to send money to Mexico for any legitimate reason.

    To my way of thinking this isn’t very much to pay but even so they raised close to 4 Million dollars for that fund in a year. Of course the Mexican House of Representatives passed a resolution urging government agencies to stop buying products from Oklahoma because of its tax on the wrie money transfers. For some reason I don’t think that bothered those folks very much. Every State should impose a transfer fee such as this to help offset the additional law enforcement costs.