A Bridge Not Inspected?

Posted August 15th, 2018 by Iron Mike

A design too audacious?  A structure too flimsy?  A failure of inspectors?  The folks in Cos Cob Connecticut can relate!

Yesterday,  AFTER the span fell,  suddenly the Italians discovered a flaw?

Prayers for the dead,  – and their families….

It turned out the Connecticut bridge inspectors had never bothered to look UNDER this bridge – or most others,…had never seen the huge bolts that had rusted through from the sea salt in the fog and the road salt….

Even weeks AFTER this disaster,  the Hartford Courant (it was still a real newspaper back then) tailed bridge inspectors and caught them mailing it in for days on end.   Democrat Government work ethic!

Do you trust GOVERNMENT to know and do what’s right?

One Response to “A Bridge Not Inspected?”

  1. Paul J Baldi

    Mike, I just saw a show called “Engineering Disasters” and the
    Italians designed and built a bridge in Venice that has GLASS
    steps, which get very slick in the wet weather. Over 60 people
    have fallen and gotten injured, including broken bones. But
    the design engineer’s attitude is: get over it, the bridge is
    beautiful!! So how it looks is more important than how it
    functions! What a shame.


    There seems to be a contest going on between the Italians and the French over who can build the most scary bridges…

    Check out the Millau Bridge in France. I’d be scared to drive over that thing.