A Break From MassGOP Stupidity?

Posted May 9th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Early reports from the courthouse,…the MassGOP Politburo has caved to the reality that they ran a Stalinist Convention, – rigged Baker’s coronation, – and illegally denied Mark Fisher his rightful place on the September Primary ballot.MassGOP Politburo
If Fisher can turn in 10,000 valid signatureshe’s on the ballot!

The judge will let his lawyer amend the complaint to seek a chance to see those convention ballots – to see if there was illegal activity. Still to be worked out is the $100K Mark just had to spend going to court. Better cough it up quick Mouseketeer – before the FBI is looking at what you did!   There is already a BBO complaint filed against you.

BREAKING! 6 PM Friday Bad news… Now Charlie Baker gets to tap dance…

Charlie Baker's turn to dance

Hey Charlie, they call this “Karma” – when bad things you’ve done – like be part of a rigged MassGOP convention – come back to bite you in the ass….

Hey MassGOP Leadership, – once again I’m forced to ask, – did you KNOW ABOUT THIS when you put all your eggs in Charlie’s basket?  DID YOU VET HIM?  Or did you simply want to ride his coattails?

2 Responses to “A Break From MassGOP Stupidity?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Can we get some debates between Charlie and Mark?

  2. Leo The Lion


    very lite