A Blunder SO HUGE….

Posted June 3rd, 2014 by Iron Mike

…that only Obama could make it!   With an American Marine – a true hero – rotting in a Mexican jail, somehow Obama thought trading 5 high-value Taliban targets for a Deserter [and possible traitor] – would ‘heal the wounds’ of the VA Hospital scandal?
5 Taliban Aces

Let me tell you a little story…

This afternoon I walked into a local shop – owned by one of America’s truly gentle souls – a man generous and liberal to a fault. Our kids were in school and on hockey teams together – for years. All those hours in the rinks – we used to talk a lot.

And my friend – despite anything I could ever say [believe me – I tried] – remained adamant that he ‘had to support Obama – because he is our elected leader’.

With the swap of the 5 Taliban Aces for Sergeant Bergdahl – Obama has finally pushed my gentle supportive forgiving friend over the cliff!   He has seen the light!

Obama hugging BerghdalsMy friend still doesn’t appreciate the finer points of the transaction – the illegal failure to consult with Congress, – and the apparent “Presidential Pardon” as Obama grabbed at any chance for “good news” and held a press conference with the Bergdahl parents.

But deep in his gut he knows stupidity and evil when he sees it, – and he’s no longer willing to make excuses for our run-amok president.

We are left to conclude that either:

Obama is so detached from the American population, – and so used to getting away with illegal high-handed crap – that he never gave it a thought,…or

He really is aiding and abetting the sworn enemy of Americathe Muslim Brotherhood.

If we review his efforts to tear down stable governments in Egypt, Libya, and Syria, – and to abandon fledgling democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan,…it would be really easy to connect the dots,…and conclude he is acting for the Muslim extremists – and against our interests.

Article III Section 3Most dictators fall because of seemingly little events – i.e. “Let them eat cake!”

Mister Obama, – you have created your own albatross. Enjoy wearing it!

And be advised – you may yet be tried for treason!

13 Responses to “A Blunder SO HUGE….”

  1. Mark

    This is not a blunder. He really is aiding and abetting the sworn enemy of America – the Muslim Brotherhood.

  2. Mark


  3. KarenG

    Even the very basic facts of this “deal” qualify it as aiding and abetting the enemy – Five terrorist masterminds in exchange for one skinny traitor? Is this not willful assistance to the Taliban in the furtherance of their evil mission???

  4. Jim

    This is unbelievable on so many levels. I think Obama is pushing for impeachment. He has a “failed” presidency and knows it. By pushing for impeachment he’ll get tons of support from the MSM and idiots in the public and the race card will be pulled for him. Then there can be a footnote in the history books to how the first black president never stood a chance to have a successful administration because America was still racist.

  5. Hawk1776

    I think the footnote will say that America never had a chance under the first black president.

  6. Varvara

    I can’t wait to see how he blames this on George Bush.

  7. Casey Chapman

    Obama hasn’t blundered. He knows EXACTLY what he is doing. He is at the least a sympathizer to the Muslim Brotherhood. He was raised and mentored by communists. George Soros has him in his back pocket, too. We need to impeach him, but as long as Harry Reid is in control of the senate, it won’t happen. Sadly. I miss America.

  8. KarenG

    I totally agree — this is yet another “middle finger” to our military, an offensive message sent to the families of those who died not only looking for the wandering Bergdahl, but also to those killed by the Taliban (perhaps at the hands ofthe very men who were just set free).

    The precedent has been set — we will give up lopsided “deals” for American hostages/captives, so ramp up the kidnappings all you terrorists out there.

    A question to Obama’s supporters: If Obama is as smart as you all claim, then surely this “exchange” wasn’t a mistake, right? It was a well thought out and deliberate move — correct? You all have some soul searching and explaining to do.

  9. MC

    Every time that Obama pulls off one of these planned media firestorms I always wonder what else is he covering up that is worse. No one in their right mind would release these 5 monsters.

  10. Varvara

    I just read his home town has decided not to do the homecoming celebration.

  11. Walter Knight

    It’s Bush’s fault.

    I’m picturing Bergdahl returning home to Idaho. Maybe he better relocate to Massachusetts, or stay in Europe. He can be Snowden’s roommate in Moscow.

  12. Walter Knight

    Secretary of Defense Hagel promised a full investigation to determine the circumstances of Bergdahl’s disappearance and capture. It would be unfair to do otherwise. Hagel says in America we rely on facts.

    Really? Was an investigation of the circumstances of Bergdahl desertion conducted before Bergdahl was promoted to sergeant? It appears facts were ignored, a slap in the face to the military and any sergeant who ever served.