A Beautiful Moment In Helsinki Today!

Posted July 16th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The American Media really wanted to watch as Trump scolded or threatened Putin over “Russian Meddling”…. Putin was fully ready for them, – as he laid down a dare to Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller…

It seems Putin would also like to ‘question’ George Soros!

3 Responses to “A Beautiful Moment In Helsinki Today!”

  1. William Clark

    All I can say is WOW – how much can or will one defend this President after 100+ charges, over 32 people, 3 companies, 20 indictments, 5 guilty plea’s, massive money laundering.

    No Collusion, believe Putin?

    Even Ronnie Ray-Guns went with the Culpable deniability defense.


    Aren’t you the same Slick Willie who spent 2 years telling us about 270 and how Hillary was the smartest woman in the room…?

    Eat your gruel….

  2. Clinton ma Tea party

    Trump is the smartest President we have ever had. I want these un American scum like Hillary, Soros, Obama’s, Bushes, Wasserman, to rot in jail

  3. Mt Woman

    It’s to the point, I just can’t listen to the news anymore. Even the more fair-minded and unbiased reporter/ political pundit jumped on Trump’s possible poor choice of words. Putin is a world class liar and thug, yet I don’t see to much air between this old KGB leader and our own so called Patriots, Comey, McCabe. Strock,Rosenstein,Clinton and the entire band of thieves.
    I’m ready to move to that newly forming Hawaiian island to keep my sanity.