A Bad Night For Charlie Baker

Posted April 29th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The “popular?” Massachusetts governor wasn’t even the topic of the evening,…his name just sort of came up in conversation….

But it was a very cringe-worthy moment…..

It was the monthly meeting of the Worcester TEA Party,  and the guests were long-time activists Dave Kopacz (renown for his unending fight against UN Agenda 21) and Chris Pinto of Mass Gun Rights.

The subject centered around the Royal Decree issued by AG Maura Healey against “copycat assault rifles”,  – and the spineless pukes in the Massachusetts Legislature who are too liberal and too pussified to stand against her….

Chris was bringing the room up to date on MGR’s attempts to move legislation through the socialist-infested state legislature,  and the small victory achieved when Brad Jones (usually not a stout Republican),  – managed to get a voice vote recorded on a measure to cut off Healey’s funds.

It was a victory because it forced legislators like scumbag fraud Harold Naughton of Clinton to reveal their true colors – i.e. no friend to gun owners!

There was a brief discussion about the various government elected officials who were in blatant violation of their sworn oath to the Constitution…..

And,…it was then that somebody in the room asked about Governor Charlie Baker – and why he hadn’t taken a stand against the rogue Attorney General…?

It was Chris Pinto who asked – in a calm and serious tone – “…what part of Charlie Baker is a Republican? What Republican position have you seen him take…?

People were looking at each other…..the silence was painful and telling.

Charlie,….these very stalwart Conservative activists,  – these folks with years of standing in the cold collecting signatures,  making calls,  holding signs,  and writing checks, ….couldn’t come up with a single deed, …not a single word.

Charlie,  back in 2014 most of these folks had serious doubts about your bona fides – most trusted Mark Fisher and distrusted you,  – particularly after that rigged convention.

They may not fully understand the rules of the MassGOP – or even much care,  – but their instincts about trusting people are pretty keen.  They all work for a living.   AND,  they own guns.

As Americans they simply want government OUT of their daily lives,  and illegal aliens OUT of our country.

So when they voted for you in 2014,  – it was because you were the lesser of two known bad choices.  Come November 6th 2018,…it looks like you’re fucked!

It’s why Trump’s speech yesterday to the NRA in Atlanta was greeted with such joy by American Patriots!


Just FYI Folks:   Representative Harold Naughton has had to take the OATH at least THREE (3) TIMES in his life….

.once when he became an officer,

….once when he became a member of the Mass Bar,

…and once when he was sworn in as a State Representative….

He CANNOT pretend he didn’t – or that he didn’t understand the words.  He simply chooses – like 99% of Democrats,  – to IGNORE that OATH!

6 Responses to “A Bad Night For Charlie Baker”

  1. Brad Wyatt

    For better, for worse, the word in Clinton is Rep Naughton has a tough time keeping his other promises too….

  2. Corsair21

    Stunning. Unfortunately, the Gov doesn’t think he needs the conservative base, because it’s small. However, these are the people who work at the grassroots. Kissing up to Dems now in hopes that they will like you later will get him nowhere.


    >> Gov doesn’t think he needs the conservative base

    How’d that work out for Scott Brown during the General Election…?

  3. Clinton ma tea party

    The Town of Clinton has no real Conservative Republicans. The RTC is run ny Joe Nataro RINO TO THE HIGHEST FORM. Nataros buddy Bill Connolly JR. Is the king fish Selectman Taking orders from Naughton himself. It has been this way for Years.

  4. Jim Gettens

    A popular saying in Clinton: “Harold Naughton–he’s always there when he needs ya.”

  5. Kojack

    Tall Duval will NEVER again get my vote. The MASSHOLES can have the corner office of this LIBERAL CESS-POOL.

    It is more important for us to make sure GEOFF DIEHL knocks-off LIE-A-WATHA Warren and eliminate another MOON-BAT from the national scene.

  6. jim buba

    Yeah, lots of medals. Ten of them are lower than the ‘Everybody Ribbon’ and those above that ‘lowlife’ are merely for being overseas somewhere. One of his units actually won a Meritorious Service Award. I don’t recognize some of them.

    As for Baker? He is barely a ‘republican’ and RINO through-and-through. Somebody needs to coax Shawna into running against him.

    Pretty soon, it will be a right to say the word ‘Gun’ in this state.