A Bad Day For A Good General

Posted December 1st, 2017 by Iron Mike

Those very qualities that made him an outstanding General – made him a clumsy political operative. Today he pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Given the FBI’s dismal record of covering up for Hillary Clinton – who can blame him?   I’d lie to the bastards too!

Robert Mueller is one smug back-stabbing political operator,  – and today he must be feeling smug – having finally collected the scalp of a Trump supporter.  We should be wary.

General Flynn served some 34 years in the Army – always in the hard and dangerous jobs,  – and his final 6 were under the treasonous Obama Administration.

He fully and deeply understood the damage done by Tom Donilon, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, Hillary, and Kerry. This crew for 8 horrible years acted against the interests of the United States; – their machinations had chilled allies and allowed ISIS, the NorKs, and the Drug Cartels to become powerful.

Even Russia seemed to be acting as if the US didn’t matter.  Flynn is a man eager to get to business and fix things.

What he didn’t realize at the time – was that the Democrat Cover Story was already in play to ‘explain’ Hillary’s loss at the polls even before the election took place….

“The Russians did it,…

– Trump must have colluded with Putin!”

From November 9th on – the Democrats would ignore all the FACTS,  – and look for “PROOF of Russian Collusion”.  They were delusional enough at first to believe the Supreme Court would invalidate Trump’s win…

Some of them still are,  and the rest ramble about impeachment.

But a Special Prosecutor was appointed – the ambitious and vain Robert Mueller,  – who’d covered up Hillary’s illegal sale of our Uranium to Russia,  and the weapons smuggling operation that blew up in Benghazi.

Mueller began looking for witnesses he could turn….

And today Mike Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.  He didn’t tell them that Trump asked him to contact the Russians – to ask them to hold back in Syria.

NO!  That’s not ‘collusion’,  – and since it happened AFTER the election, – it sure didn’t effect any votes.

BUT,  if you use the word ‘RUSSIAN’ in a sentence – Democraps will take it as PROOF POSITIVE that Trump sold out to Putin.

Now Mueller will look for more loose threads – and try to pull apart the Trump family.  Son-in-Law Jared Kushner is his likely next target.

Mueller likely was able to leverage some petty charge against Flynn’s son Michael to pressure him into this plea.  

And all of this to explain why Hillary lost a rigged election!

11 Responses to “A Bad Day For A Good General”

  1. Kojack

    An illegal scum-bag murders a young woman and gets off and a patriot with 34 years of service gets RAIL-ROADED…..what’s wrong with this picture?!?!?

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Sad for sure….

    It’s interesting that the FBI, and Congress for that matter, can lie through their teeth to you, but if you lie to them, you get fooked….

    Bottom line, though, is as great a military leader as he is, he still violated the code: An officer does not lie, does not steal and does not cheat.

    The tragedy is, it was for such an arrogant and petty reason….

  3. Panther 6

    GB LTC has called it straight. Flynn screwed up and knows it. Now what serious punishment may await him other than a tarnished image. We will see.

  4. Kojack

    Obama(exec privalege in F&F, etc.), Hillary Rotten(deleted 33k SUBPEONED emails, UNSECURED ILLEGAL server w/classified material, etc.), AG Eric with-Holder(in contempt of congress), AG Loretta Lynch(lied about meeting with Bubba on tarmac), Louis Lerner(weaponized IRS against conservatives), Susan Rice(lied about Benghazi, Bergdahl, etc.) AND THEY ALL GET-OFF SCOTT-FREE BUT A GENERAL WITH 34 YEARS OF SERVICE GETS PUNISHED FOR ONE STUPID MISTAKE?!?!?


    These double standards are intolerable. Sessions needs to grow a pair or resign STAT!

  5. Sonny's Mom

    But notice how quickly ABC News retracted its phony report from “a Flynn confidante” that the general was all set to point a finger at the President. (After the fake story had already been retweeted many thousandsof times, naturally.) The headline “ABC Makes ‘Epic Mistake’, Retracts Bombshell Flynn Story” is all over the web right now.

  6. GreenBeretLTC

    Good points, Kojack, but he lied, and you can’t point to bad behavior to excuse bad behavior. Flynn broke the code….

    But fear not. In a Saturday or maybe even in a Sunday tweet, Trump set the stage for a pardon. And it’ll be swift, just to show his contempt for Mueller and this entire fiasco.

  7. Kojack

    GB-LTC Your quite right, Flynn lied in an error of judgement but not for nefarious reasons. My point was/is that the Obama cabal lied and got away with it. They are not held accountable for their actions. They flaunted the rule of law to destroy America….I want to see patriots do the same to build up America and GET AWAY WITH IT like they do. They are using our integrity against us. I’m sure Trump will pardon Flynn but that’s not good enough.

  8. GreenBeretLTC


    It looks like we agree to agree…..

    Sessions is taking a lot of heat from us for not being aggressive enough on a number of matters. I say stand by.

    I’m an educated man but by no means a rocket scientist. I think Sessions is aligning the ducks and will at a politically savvy time start dropping shoes all over these lying cartels. My guess is he doesn’t want to cast any shadow at all on Mueller’s nonsense and the shoes will start falling when Mueller finishes with his nonsense.

    If not…..Trump’ll can him and get someone in there who will. Then watch the Democrats whine.

  9. Kojack

    GreenBeret you are a good man and an outstanding patriot who I have great respect for those with impeccable integrity who have risked life and limb and sacrificed for our beloved republic…..but Mueller is not, HE HAS NO HONOR…..he wants to bring Trump down as does the rest of the swamp.

    He has no interest whatsoever in the truth and will not finish until he finds SOMETHING, ANYTHING even if it is COMPLETELY UNRELATED OR HE HAS TO FABRICATE SOMETHING THAT WILL STICK.

    The offenses I outlined in my previous comment were much worse than anything Flynn did.

    That is why Trump should NEVER HAVE FIRED FLYNN AND GIVEN THE LOW-LIFE SCUM AN OPENING TO GET AT HIM, LIKE AN UNPROTECTED FLANK. We are witnessing a coup. Let’s pray that it is not a successful one.


    To BOTH of you – – one of the sad parts of this story is that Mueller was a combat Marine in Vietnam, – thus showing how badly Washington DC can corrupt a once-valiant warrior.

  10. Kojack

    Mike – it’s really discouraging to know that. Trump should fire the SOB and to hell with the criticism.


    Agreed! I ~ believe ~ he’s being advised to let Mueller and his posse of Hillary fans have enough rope to hang themselves, – so that when it happens there is no blowback.

    Even Trump doesn’t want to go the way of Nixon….

  11. GreenBeretLTC

    Kojack and Iron Mike:

    We’re all of the same mind, now….