A 51-Year FLASHBACK For You Geezers

Posted June 21st, 2020 by Iron Mike

In 1969 America was fighting two wars,  – one in Vietnam, – the other in our streets.

We lost in Vietnam because inept generals,  craven politicians,  – and the liberal Media.  It split our society in two.  Today the Media is still cheering on those same commies and anarchists.

One Response to “A 51-Year FLASHBACK For You Geezers”

  1. Walter Knight

    I always thought it ironic that among the Vietnamese refugees fleeing in boats at the end of the war were liberal Vietnamese from their media, who assisted in the Communist victory at every turn. Traitors to their own country sought freedom and safety in America.

    Liberals in America don’t realize it, but if the rule of law is destroyed by Communists, they will be the first murdered by the new Communist government. There will be nowhere to flee.

    Minorities will be especially vulnerable. Does anyone think Blacks in Cuba get a fair shake? I see no black faces in Cuba’s government. The majority rules, no matter the form of government. If Communists ever rule America, it will be White Communists.

    If you are a minority, do you trust white Communists with your life after the rule of law is abolished? You shouldn’t. The first thing Communists do when they gain power is murder people they don’t like, or who will speak out.