A 2016 Bernie Babe Has Grown Up!

Posted December 15th, 2019 by Iron Mike

In just three (3) short years of the Trump Economy,   a Bernie Babe has seen the light.  Maybe his tourist trip to Communist Vietnam opened his eyes?

Video below the fold:

With Bernie and the Lying White Squaw pulling in tiny crowds of die-hard socialists like this Iowa crowd,  – we wonder if the Democrat’s Impeachment Ploy is slowly destroying what’s left of the former Democrat Party…?

Here is the former Bernie Babe:

Bernie’s FULL rally was over an hour long – if you care to watch:

Rally with Bernie in Burlington, Iowa!

THE STRONGEST CAMPAIGN TO BEAT TRUMP: For too long, voters have been told to settle for less. Our campaign is doing the opposite. The only way we defeat Trump is by mobilizing our people around a bold, progressive agenda. Live now in Burlington, Iowa:

Posted by Bernie Sanders on Saturday, December 14, 2019

There will always be socialists,  – people raised with envy and greed in their hearts,  – who believe it is somehow just to pass a law giving them what you have earned. 

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