9th Cuomo Fondling Victim Hires Allred

Posted March 29th, 2021 by Iron Mike

When it was just one woman – then two women,  – the media could dismiss it as “She said – he said”

But NOW – a second woman – this one with photos,  – and a bare-knuckles attorney who savors bringing down the high and mighty….

OK,  Gloria Allred has represented a goodly share of whores and gold-diggers over the decades,  – but she has also collected a goodly share of scalps.

And she KNOWS how to stage a press conference.

In the race to see which twisted crooked left-wing would-be president will retire in disgrace first, – Cuomo has been boosted to front-runner by Sherry Vill and her infamous attorney – Gloria Allred.

What can California’s Gavin Newsom do to catch up?

One Response to “9th Cuomo Fondling Victim Hires Allred”

  1. Panther 6

    Finally Cuomo may get his head handed to him. Gloria Allred is no lawyer chick to be taken lightly. She will go for the jugular!