9th Circuit Panel Upholds 2nd Amendment

Posted August 14th, 2020 by Iron Mike

“Even well-intentioned laws must pass constitutional muster.”
Judge Kenneth Lee (Trump) wrote for the Majority!

This “law” began as a ballot issue – and passed in liberal and emotional California by 62%.

In April,  Deputy AG John Echeverria had attempted to argue that the REAL purpose behind the 10-round bullet limit was to force mass shooters to PAUSE when they changed magazines,  – – and thus give people a chance to escape – or overpower them.

But it seems that both Judges Callahan and Lee are gun owners,  – knowledgeable gun owners – who understand both the intent of the Framers,  and the practical need for enough bullets during a home invasion.

Echeverria was so lame as to argue that his statistics showed that “…the average home invasion only took 2.2 bullets to resolve…”.

You may rest assured that die-hard gun grabber Becerra will waste more taxpayer money,  – either to appeal to the FULL 9th Circuit, – or go directly to John Roberts and the Supremes…

2 Responses to “9th Circuit Panel Upholds 2nd Amendment”

  1. Jon from MA, 1776 will happen again

    The BS gun laws in M.A. are reaching their expiration date. They need to go, no more BS permits and magazine bans. heck you can’t even have an adjustable stock on your 22. so you can fit it to the exact size perfect for the person using it. No more leftists, no more RINO’s.

  2. Kojack

    Jon, this state is lost. Don’t waste your time and money here like I did, unless you have 40-50 years in front of you. The MASS-HOLES ONLY VOTE FOR DUMMYCRAPS and the conservatives won’t support a candidate who isn’t perfect. Hell, Jesus Christ himself couldn’t get elected if he came down and ran as a republican here. And 75% of the so-called independents always vote for DUMMYCRAPS.

    I had high hopes in 2018 when LIE-A-WATHA(our senior senator, sic) was upside down in MA and she still beat Geoff Diehl by 30% ! Jim Lyons was supposed to start rebuilding the MA-GOP but I heard him on an interview with Jeff Kuhner and I was not impressed.

    Now, I’m gathering my resources and as soon as I can retire, I’m outta here!