99 Years Since The Shooting Stopped

Posted November 11th, 2017 by Iron Mike

A war which claimed 14 million – saw 23 million wounded,  – and less than 1% of Americans under the age of 60 can explain what caused it.   They don’t even care – “…it’s all just ancient History!”

The end of this bloody war set the conditions and the stage for the bloodiest century in the history of Earth,  – at least since the Great Extinction,  – with over 100 million killed,  – at least half by their own governments.

America’s union-run public schools have been deliberately dumbing down generations of voters since the 1960s.   Democrats WANT ignorant voters.

Go ahead,  – ask any recent high school grad about the causes and the casualties of World War One.   Brace yourself for blank stares and shrugs.   Your property taxes PAID for those blank stares and empty heads!

In 1918 the Russian Revolution was already well under way.  The ideals of Communism were sweeping both the intellectual elites and the factory workers of many nations….

The surrender at Compiègne and the Treaty of Versailles set the conditions for the rise of Mussolini and Hitler,  and the horrific causality figures from WW I caused huge anti-war / pacifism movements to grow world-wide.

Thus the European nations had no stomach to face down the growing military threat of Hitler’s Germany. 

That avoidance would cost millions of people their lives…

The armies of Europe – trained and equipped to re-fight the last war,  – were out-maneuvered and crushed by the advancing Nazi forces.

At the end of WWII in 1945 – President Truman – only a high school grad – turned his back on the Orient; – and Mao led his Communists to over-run China.  

And in 1950 the North Koreans invaded the South.

Twelve (12) presidents later – we’re still dealing with them today.

The anti-colonial unrest had been alive across all of SouthEast Asia since the end of WWI.  The end of fighting in Korea made it easy for Mao to shift focus and send artillery to the Viet Minh – to drive the French out of Indochina.

Another untended consequence of the Treaty of Versailles was the artificial borders drawn when the Ottoman Empire was carved up.

In many cases colonial army officers led coups to overthrow traditional kings,  – and a series of wars followed,  – to include Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait.

Once again an incomplete military victory and an incomplete political solution would mean that American troops would have to re-fight a war….

World War One cost 14 million men their lives – in just 4½ years…

Ask your family members what were the ROOT CAUSES of tension and hostility prior to the outbreak of the shooting.

1.  Which nation secretly planned for the war – for years…?

2.  Why did fighting this war change the World forever?

So some research – I’ll post the answers in a week….check back.

Meanwhile,   Happy Armistice Day / Veteran’s Day!


The History Young Americans Are Denied

If you’re reading and learning this stuff for the first time in your life,  – that is PROOF that your union school teachers wanted to keep you ignorant!

The assassination of the Austrian archduke was not the cause of the war.  Tensions had been building between the European powers for decades,  even if their rulers were cousins.

England was the dominant power – the sun never set on the British Empire, and the Royal Navy ruled the waves.  But all modern nations were building fleets of dreadnoughts – even the US.

Germany had several frustrations – chiefly that their only way to the open oceans passed through the narrow Denmark Straits.  Any battle with the British Navy could be dicey.

They therefore hoped to complete the Berlin-to-Baghdad Railroad – but there were constant headaches getting through the Balkans.

The Czar didn’t need overseas colonies, – his kingdom was enormous,  – and he was busy rebuilding his navy after the disaster of the Russo-Japanese War

What he did want – and Russians STILL want – is free passage past Turkey from the Black Sea into the Mediterranean and out to the Atlantic.

In all industrial nations there were growing undercurrents of both socialist and communist movements.

Thus the QUICK QUIZ ANSWER to the 3 underlying causes of the war are:

1.  Competition for overseas colonies….

2.  The naval arms race to build fleets of dreadnoughts to guard the colonies

3.   …and Germany’s frustration at not being to complete the Berlin-to-Baghdad Railroad.

What nobody knew at the time was that General von Schlieffen had been planning in secret for 14 years to attack France come 1919,  – then quickly pivot to crush Russia.

(In 1939, Hitler would use a nearly identical plan….which at first succeeded….)

Combat in WWI quickly devolved to trench warfare – with massive attacks across “no man’s land” into the defender’s interlaced machine gun fire.  Whole battalions would be wiped out in 30 minutes, – and often another would follow over their bodies…

By 1917 the Russian revolution took place,  and the Communists sued for peace.  The Czar and his family were executed in 1918.

The French and British were desperate for manpower – and brought their colonial army units to France to fight.   Once you arm colonial people,  – they’ll never be content to be ‘Colonial’ again,  and by the 1950s most of the former colonies were free or in armed rebellion.

The belief that WWI had been “a Rich Man’s War but a Poor Man’s Fight gave rise to a huge international pacifism movement – which made it easy for dictators like Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin to collect private weapons….disarming their populations…in advance of purges and genocide.

When your Government says ‘they’ll protect you’  – quickly go buy more ammo!

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  1. Sherox

    Happy Veteran’s Day, Mike.

  2. Catherine

    Thank you for service, Mike.

  3. Meat And Potatoes

    God Bless you Mike!

  4. Kojack

    Thank you, Mike, for your service and for the history lesson and happy (belated) Veterans Day to you too!

    If anyone is interested, the Ken Burns 10 part series on the Vietnam War goes into great detail beginning with the French invasion of Danang in 1850 and covering some of the SE Asian topics mentioned in this post.

    Just keep in mind that Burns is a liberal so there are some liberal overtones. In spite of that, I thought it was an accurate and worth watching.

  5. Panther 6

    Mike; Nice Vets Day blog. Sadly, like the poor who we will always have with us, WARS will continue no matter how hard we humans try to avoid them. Our grandchildren pay the price for seeds we sow today.