9/11: al Qaeda Did It!

Posted September 8th, 2011 by Iron Mike

E-V-E-R-Y-thing I’ll EVER need to know about Islam – I learned on 9/11!

I was talking to an old Army buddy in Vermont when it started. He said a plane had just crashed into the World Trade Center. I envisioned a piper cub and a pilot having a heart attack.

Then I saw the fire on TV.  Minutes later I watched the second plane. I knew instantly what was happening – our worst fears about the rise of fundamentalist Islam were coming true. We were now fully into a 100 year war.

My second instant thought was ‘Oh thank God that SP4 Gore is not our CinC today!

Within hours I learned my dear next-door neighbor lady – a gentle mother of two kids – was aboard Flight #11.

I don’t need your ‘talking points‘ Mister Obama, – I know al Qaeda did it.

No Duh-val, – it was NOT an act of human misunderstanding‘!

It was the fulfillment of the perverted teaching of the Koran. It was suicide murder of us infidels – as a quick and certain path to heaven and 72 imaginary virgins.

It was a sickness equal to the mass human sacrifices of the Aztecs.

That afternoon after hockey I had to tell my 3rd grader about the horrors of the world he lives in, and about why there were TV trucks parked on the street.  Already the liberals and apologists were explaining to the talking heads why it was our fault – ‘something we’d brought on ourselves’.

Naysayers, doubters, apologists, and conspiracy theorists – God damn you all!

Within hours the Bush haters were busy spinning their perverted twisted version – that somehow it was a ‘CIA inside job’. To all of you ‘9/11 Truthers’ and you in the ‘Bush-did-it-crowd’ – may you rot in Hell for your continued aiding and abetting of evil, for your continued rubbing of salt into fresh open wounds!

There are times when I truly don’t know which are the most ignorant and evil of people – the fanatical followers if Islam who commit cold-blooded murder in the name of their god – or the scheming bastards who twist the truth, claiming Bush did it, or the liberal apologists who want to blame America and offer up mitigation for the murderers. May they all rot together in the same Hell!


For the past three years I have wondered where America’s brains and backbone went.

How could we have elected a man with such a pro-Islam mentality, – likely as not a Muslim himself – one who sympathizes with those who would destroy both Israel and all of Western society?

Americans – if you want your kids and grand kids to grow up understanding the truth – don’t ever call 9/11 ‘a tragedy‘!  Call it what it was – an act of cold-blooded, calculated, mass murder.

And then explain that Usama bin Laden’s target audience for this show of force was not America – but the young people in the Arab / Islamic world. This was a show of force and a show of cunning designed to help recruit millions of young jihadists to al Qaeda.

Then explain in realistic terms that in the beginning Mohammed was both an outcast and a caravan robber who managed to spin together some of the worst existing practices of desert dwellers – call it a religion – and indeed justify and sanctify some of those evil practices.

George Bush was wrong; Islam is not ‘a religion of Peace’!

It is a cult – requiring both believers and non-believers to submit – or be killed.

Worse, it requires believers to go on Jihad – to kill both non-believers and those who have left the cult. For some 1400 years Islam has chosen to be at war with the Western and to a lesser extent – the Eastern Worlds.

Soon they will have nuclear weapons, largely due to the cowardice of some European leaders, the evil of Vladimir Putin’s Russian government, and the pro-Muslim leanings of our current pResident. A nuclear war in the next ten years is a high likelihood. If the Islamists win – evil will rule this earth for another 1000 years.

Unless and until we in the West can show impoverished Arab youth a better and quicker path to real happiness here on Earth – better than a suicide vest and dreams of 72 virgins – we will face a daily threat from ignorant but committed terrorists.

Americans, please think very carefully about who you elect next November.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

What was lost; – note her hands…

7 Responses to “9/11: al Qaeda Did It!”

  1. Varvara

    The anger I have has not abated over the last 10 years. I was born in NYC and those were my towers! I watched them go up and I watched theme come down. They came down because some misguided fanatics were trying to score brownie points.

    Our government doesn’t realize that Islam is a religion and a political party. There are muslims who are not trying to kill us and just want to get on with their lives. Then there are the muslims who turn and twist this religion to their way of thinking. The more they rail against America and our freedoms the more I know they feel insignificant. By killing and torturing people they get a ‘high’. They use children for shields. They kidnap children to turn them into warriors. They kidnap young girls rape them and hope to impregnate them to make more little warriors. Of course, it’s always more fun and another poke at Christians if they can capture Christian girls.

    On 9-11 I drove home from the John Hancock building, that was evacuated, along with the Pudential and Sears Towers, on Rt 2W. On Rt 2E, every 1/4 mile there was a State Police and 2 town police cars, waiting for instructions.

    Every year, I watch the programs that show the first responders, the people crying and the people throwing themselves out of the buildings. I think about the children in NJ watching the smoke, knowing their parents worked in the towers. Then their neighbors came to pick them up and then they knew.

    Iron Mike believes this is a cult. He may be correct. I believe this political party, especially the Muslim Brotherhood, is no better than the Nazi Party. I have the overwhelming feeling that we are back in the 1930’s.

  2. Perplexed Senior

    It is ironic that Amy Sweeney was the flight attendant on the American flight with a good friend of mine from Tewksbury, who also had a young daughter, when this act of terrorism took place on September 11th 2001.

    You could not imagine my feelings as I watched the second plane hit the second tower from an office in downtown Athens, Greece on a Tuesday afternoon. It was early evening when we learned that some of our friends and colleauges had died that fateful day. We suspended our meetings and watched CNN International as we learned of the other flights that hit the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA.

    This was an act of terrorism planned and calculated by the Muslin Jihadists and to claim anything else is pure insanity.

  3. Disappointed.

    This post is disgustingly skewed and prejudiced.

    First, I would like to state my respect for all the victims of the 9/11 attacks and their families. Yes, it was a horrifying mass murder and my thoughts and support are with all those who felt, and still feel, the effects.

    However, your blanket statements about Islam are misinformed and inacceptable. I am NOT defending Al-Quaeda or Bin Laden. He was sick and Al-Quaeda’s idealogy was twisted beyond belief. I do not think their desire for Islamic world dominance is acceptable, nor do I condone their violence.

    That being said, it is not correct to place the blame for this terrorist group on an entire faith. You define jihad as “to kill both non-believers and those who have left the cult.” In mainstream Islam, jihad is not a core duty and most modern Muslims argue that it does not even include violence against nonbelievers – it refers instead to an inner moral struggle. In fact, a quote from the Koran states: “Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loves not transgressors.” Obviously, terrorist groups are twisting Allah’s demands to justify their aims. But this is not unique to Islam… throughout history, hundreds of groups spanning across religions have cited various gods and holy works to justify violence and intolerence. Islam is by no means the only religion to be twisted to justify injustice. The Inquisition? Hate crimes against gays? Both have been justified based on Christianity, and both are horribly violent and unacceptable. The god of the Bible allows selling your daughter as a sex slave (Exodus 21:1-11). Is this morally acceptable? NO. And neither is suicide bombing, but is it ok to condemn all Christians as evil because they believe in this god. Most Muslims NEVER strap bombs to themselves or kill anyone, so they can NOT be judged based on the idea of violent jihad. Al-Quaeda’s actions are atrocious, but the Koran can not be condemned because of the radical and sick actions of one small group. These people will do violent things no matter what, whether or not they find some sort of religious excuse.

    Most parts of the Muslim world do NOT support the Al-Quaeda or suicide bombings. Polls state that these numbers are continuing to drop yearly. The majority of Muslims DO believe in peace and act on this belief. Again, the actions of this small group cannot be ignored or defended, but also cannot be made to define an entire religion.

    I want to reiterate that I have NOTHING but respect and love for those affected by 9/11 – a terrible event caused by terrible people. However, I am enraged by your treatment of Islam in this article. I encourage you to inform yourself, and NOT joke that “E-V-E-R-Y-thing I’ll EVER need to know about Islam – I learned on 9/11!” Judging a rich and peaceful culture by one radical terriorist group is a horrendous mishap that condemns thousands of innocent, good people to prejudice and hardship. I will not tolerate this.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    And ‘Disappointed’ felt SO strongly about this that he/she left a fake email address.

    I’ll stand by my blog Disappointed.

    I didn’t even go into the parts if the Koran that instructs about ‘an eye for an eye’, or how to treat women, concubines, and slaves.

    /s/ Iron Mike

  4. Disappointed.

    “An eye for an eye” is actually from the old testament of the Bible. In addition, in the book of Deuteronomy, God declares that one must kill one’s wife, children, brother, and friend if they worship other gods.

    What a double standard… you refuse to speak ill of one religion while spreading intolerance of another, all the while handpicking quotes which support your prejudice and ignoring those which do not?

    If you have arguments that are well researched and coherent, feel free to share!

    As for the email address, I feel no need to divulge personal information online. Nothing personal.

  5. Karen G

    Disappointed — you seem to have a good time cherry-picking quotes from the Bible to support your apologist stance of Islam. Violence against gays and selling children into sexual slavery may be mentioned in the Bible, but nobody practices these atrocities better than modern-day Muslims.

    Do a little research into the Muslim concept of the 72 Virgins and try to find something like that in the Bible — it’s not there.

    Any religion that, as one of it’s basic tenets, promises its men an eternal supply of virgins (young and hairless from the neck, by the way)for sexual pleaures is pretty disgusting in my opinion. It’s gross and insulting. They believe it, and they kill us to get there.

  6. Disappointed.

    Here is some suggested reading that I hope can personalize some of this for you: http://www.kansan.com/news/2011/sep/12/jawhari-being-muslim-american-post-911-era/?opinion

    It is the kind of prejudice like this RR article that makes people feel wrongly victimized.

    I know you are not Muslim and do not believe in Muslim teachings, but I implore you to think about the impact of your words on real life humans. Because that is the thing to remember – when you condemn Islam, you are telling actual, specific HUMANS that their way of life is not ok. Teachers, doctors, students, trash collectors, engineers, religious leaders, and polititians are all deeply effected by your words. Please do not lose sight of this in the midst of all your “they” and “us.” Can we never be “we?”

    I’m done commenting now, and I know I probably didn’t make any sort of impact on anyone. I merely cannot live with myself if I see the blatant spread of ignorant hatred without stepping in and saying something.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Disappointed, if you post a comment again – use a REAL e-mail address. We’ll keep it private, but we insist that you identify yourself.

    If we mark you as SPAM, – all your comments will go to the spam bucket. Clear?

  7. Karen G


    I cannot live with the idea of giving a person like you the last word without stepping in and saying something. I most defintely am not a Muslim, thank God. And, you are correct, I do not “believe in Muslim teachings” and I do not think their way of life is OK.

    Are you a parent? From your comments I would have to guess you’re not. No normal parent would apologize for a religion that routinely marries off their young daughters to middle aged men. Here in America, that is called child molestation, and it is ILLEGAL. The very thought of a twelve year old innocent child being forced to have sex with an old man sickens me. But not you, right?

    Are you a woman? From your comments, I would have to guess you’re not. If you are female,then surely you wouldn’t be supporting a religion that forces their women to dress from head to toe in hot stifling garments in the desert. Why on earth, if you were a female, would you think it’s OK for women to be stoned to death for adultery, even if the woman was raped? The misogyny and violence against women in the Muslim world is staggering and undeniable.

    Are you HUMAN? Apparently not. If you were, you would realize that the victims murdered on September 11 were also “Teachers, doctors, students, trash collectors, engineers, religious leaders, and polititians”. They were struck down by Muslims while innocently going about their lives so that their killers could achieve martyrdom and have sex with virgins for all eternity. You have a serious problem Disappointed. I am thankful that you are not a parent, a woman, or a human.