83-yr Old Maxine Waters’ Epiphany

Posted January 16th, 2022 by Iron Mike

Gee Maxine, with all the Black-on-Black murders skyrocketing in all the Democrap-run cities,  – do you suppose even good-hearted Democraps have run out of solutions,  – to what are essentially tribal problems.

6 Responses to “83-yr Old Maxine Waters’ Epiphany”

  1. Hal Shurtleff

    A race-baiting Marxist.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Geesum…..it’s been so long since I’d heard anything from or of her that I sort of thought maybe she’d passed on into the infernal region…..

    Wishful thinking…..

  3. Keith

    About time she opened her eyes to the failure of the democratic party. The party that only sees blacks as votes during the election cycle and forgets about them as soon as they are elected

  4. panther 6

    The woman is suffering from something but sadly she still roams the halls of power.

  5. Walter Knight

    Waters did not have an epiphany about the Democrat Party. She’s just complaining that Senators Manchin and Sinema aren’t voting in lockstep with other Democrats and trying to eliminate the filibuster.

  6. Kojack

    How many miles of bad road is that? Her pic makes for really effective “KEEP OUT” or “NO TRESPASSING” signs. I’d wager it would be enough to scare a fair percentage of B&E’s onto the straight and narrow.