81 – 18 National Disgrace!

Posted October 16th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Senate vote on HR 2775 PROVES:  Democrats and RiNOs value Career over Country;  Career over Constitution;  Career over Constituents;  Career over Courage;  Career over Common Sense.
81-18 Can kicking Vote
                          Now watch 81 craven career cowards spend 12 months spinning their deeds.
                       FYI: Jim Imhoff (OK) – 2 weeks out of a quad-bypass – would have been a  solid Hell NO!

4 Responses to “81 – 18 National Disgrace!”

  1. Mark

    I am done with the GOP.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Not one red cent to the GOP, national or state!!!!!!!!!!

  3. haddanuff


  4. Hawk1776

    We have a two party system of government. If you don’t support the Republican Party then by default you are supporting The Democratic Party. If you switch to a third party then by the shear weight of numbers you have supported the Democratic Party.

    Did the Republicans cave? Yes. Was it inevitable? Also yes. The Democrats control the White House, the Senate, and the media. The Republicans did everything possible short of causing the country to default on its loan payments.

    The only thing that will change the direction of the country is for the Republicans to keep the House and win back control of the Senate in 2014. Then they need to win the White House in 2016.

    Politics sucks. The process is slow, everyone needs to send pork back home, people such as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are in power. Our emperor is an incompetent socialist. It certainly isn’t a perfect system, but it’s ours, or at least it should be. Let’s see what happens next year.