8 Ball Corner Pocket

Posted December 28th, 2011 by Iron Mike

The sudden boldness of the Iranian Navy has me curious. They’re conducting a ten-day exercise to practice their key long-term plan – immobilizing or sinking a US super-carrier in the narrow Straits of Hormuz, then recovering the nuclear weapons from the wreck.

Brazen and ballsy in it’s simplicity,  it fits right in with their Shi’a Twelver religious view of their destiny. It will hasten the Armageddon they so crave, summoning forth the Twelfth ‘Hidden’ Imam to lead them to Paradise. Is Obama blind to this threat?

Understand that as constituted now the Iranian navy is a puny force designed for intimidation and swarm attacks in the confined waters of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf. Except here they have no chance against the US Navy.

But geography, shallow waters, and a hairpin turn give them a priceless advantage. I fear they will eventually use it. Today some 40% of the world’s oil supply sails through Hormuz in huge vulnerable supertankers.

Meanwhile their exercise Velayat-90 is a sign of increased confidence in their ability. By announcing it – and widely publicizing it – they risk ridicule if anything goes wrong. BUT, they also gain a huge intimidation factor against the Gulf States – principally against arch-enemy Saudi Arabia.

AND, they gain operational experience!

Nobody in that region can help but notice the Iranians recently downed our most secret spy drone – seemingly with a simple software trick.

Building a nuclear arsenal despite crushing world sanctions: expensive!

Capturing a US stealth drone intact by spoofing it’s GPS system: Priceless!

Setting off the End of the World: Their Lifetime Dream!

  Time and Events Favor the Twelvers:

1. The ‘Great Satan’ under Hussein Obama has already withdrawn from Iraq and announced the surrender date for Afghanistan.

2. Yemen is about to lose it’s president – leaving the al Qaeda littered countryside open to the likely establishment of a forward Iranian naval and air base astride the other choke point – the Bab el Mandeb – the Gate of Tears.

3. A coordinated Iranian attack at both Bab el Mandeb and Hormuz would instantly ignite WW IIIexactly what the Twelvers want!

4. Further north Egypt is again awash in riots as the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood finally seizes control of the third choke point – the Suez Canal.

5. With Fidel Castro near death in Cuba and Hugo Chavez dying of cancer in Venezuela – even a few Iranian mini-subs could complete the picture of world chaos.

  Now add as icing on the cake:

– the pending implosion of Pakistan,

– a new boy-leader in North Korea,

– a Syrian dictator about to be toppled and replaced with a Hezbollah-led government,

– and the aging Communists in China dealing with daily rioting from protesting peasants in their interior . . .

Remember what it took to start WWI – a single fanatic with a pistol?

How about WWII – the Gleiwitz incident – a fake ‘attack’ by Germans in Polish Army uniforms?

Does anybody besides me see the distinct possibility of ‘all Hell about to break loose’ – probably next summer?

Can you hear Iranian President Ahmadinejad singing that Rolling Stones tune ‘Time is On My Side’?

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “8 Ball Corner Pocket”

  1. Larry Redmond

    Excellent analysis and a true possible scenario that could unfold. The Iranian regime must be toppled and soon. Getting to their current nuc program becomes more difficult daily. Hence the STUXNET virus attack in the interim. IS BHO oblivious to the threat? YES, it fits his plan perfectly. If the Western World does not unite to stop these idiots then Armageddon may be coming in 2012.

  2. Walter Knight

    A start would be to send Somali pirates to the bottom of the ocean. Call it target practice.