Governor Murphy Thinks They’re Fools

Posted September 17th, 2020 by Iron Mike

NJ Governor Phil Murphy is making an $11K bet – 35,619 times.

He and his libturd dems in the State House plan to raise taxes on those hated Millionaires,  – raise it from 8.97% to 10.75%.  They’ve identifies 35,619 target victims, – including both NJ residents and those who work there.

Murphy and his kleptocrats are betting that most of these millionaires will gladly (or grudgingly) cough up their extra $11,000 each year,  – and not leave the state.

Like all democrats in public office – he looks down on the taxpayers – as “less educated,  – less informed, – and certainly less aware of events”.

In other words,  he’s pretty sure they’ll be comfortable writing the larger checks,  and won’t be looking to move over the state line to Pennsylvania or Delaware.

And if he’s correct,  come next June they’ll begin the process of raising that 10.75% to 11.75% – and lowering the range to those greedy selfish people making in excess of $900,000.

And THEN,…they’ll look to raise the 6.625% state sales tax to 7.5%.

After all,  just across the river those fools in NYC are paying an effective 8.875%, – so 7.5% will look like a bargain.  This is the way Democrats think.

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