66 Things You Can Do Before the Election… (0 days to go)

Posted November 5th, 2012 by Jim Ettwein

The last day to prepare…  The ZERO HOUR!  You must do something for the election. You will be the key to fair and legal elections.  Read below for what you can do to vote.  AND, AS IMPORTANT – WHAT YOU CAN LOOK OUT FOR WHEN VOTING TO MAKE SURE THAT THERE AREN’T ANY SHENANIGANS.  AND, DON’T FOR A MINUTE THINK THEY AREN’T DOING THINGS TO THROW THE VOTE FOR OBAMA.  THEY ARE.  rr


0. There is very little time. 

  • If you haven’t voted, make sure you vote tomorrow. 

  • If your kids, relatives and friends haven’t voted (and they’re Republicans), make sure that they get to the polls.  Even if you have to drive them there. 

  • If you see anything going on at the polls when you’re there, look for a Romney person, they’ll be everywhere on Election Day.  Tell them and they will take action. 

Here are some things to look for when you vote:

Most important are voter intimidation and “electioneering within X feet of the poll.”  (The X is there because this distance is matter of state law. Please check the requirements in your state.) These areas are obvious and visible.  You may see things that look unusual.  Ask to talk to an Election Judge.  Tell him/her.  They will let you know if it’s ok or not.  If it’s not, ask what they’re going to do to stop it.

You only get ONE vote.  Don’t let yours be negated by someone who does not respect the sanctity of the ballot.

On November 6th If you see something at the polls that just doesn’t seem right…let True The Vote know – Call the TRUE the VOTE Hotline 855-779-2000 or email us at myreport@truethevote.org

Other areas of interest are:

1. Forced assistance.  Everyone has a right to have someone help them vote, except their employer or union representative.  But all too often forced assistance is imposed on elderly voters. The voter doesn’t get to vote, but instead the assistor votes for them.  This allows large numbers of votes to be cast by a single machine connected assistor.  This particularly corrupts the “down ballot” contests where the voters would otherwise have no idea for whom to vote.

2. Registration fraud.  Show your ID when you vote.  Express surprise when they try to tell you it’s not necessary.  Ask how they know who’s voting if they don’t ask.  In many places, political organizations are submitting large numbers of registrations.  Often they are duplicates, meaning someone gets registered multiple times.  They are often deficient, and do not include information such as Social Security numbers or DL numbers.  If they are registered without these numbers, as many often are, there is no assurance that these are real people.  In states without voter ID, they will be able to vote as ghost voters.

3.  And, of course, dead voters.

Through all of our efforts we can restore America to the great nation she was.  We can get rid of Obama and become the land of the free, once again.  rr 

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