6 Jan 2021 – The Sack Of Washington

Posted January 8th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Outside,  1 million rightfully angry Patriots came to protest a stolen election,  – and the Democrats who did it,  – AND the RiNOs who were blessing it.   Several dozen AntiFA goons had infiltrated their ranks,  – and broke into the Capitol with surprising ease.

Suddenly the DC Political Class understood how vulnerable they are,  – and they reacted the way fearful cowards always do,  – they blamed Trump.

Some of you may remember back 10 years ago,  when Wisconsin was struggling with a bloated budget and a crippling Obama economy.  The Media and Democrats glorified the “Brave Patriots” (union thugs) who occupied the state capitol for 5 months.

Are Democrats born as hypocrites;  – or do they go to special schools to learn what to say?

A million Trump Supporters came to DC to protest peacefully.  Their ranks were infiltrated by well-trained AntiFA goons. Soros soon got his money’s worth!

How was our US Capitol Building so easily breached?

“Those who fail to learn History are doomed to relive it!”

After what we’ve seen our dishonorable FBI and DOJ do these past 5 years,….are we wondering how the FBI “failed” to infiltrate and monitor AntiFA?

Or maybe they even HELPED them?

This AntiFA goon with zip-tie handcuffs…?  Did he come prepared to take hostages?

Caught off guard?  This photo of five (5) Capitol cops – with guns drawn (at least 45 rounds available before changing magazines) is very telling.  They have no plan, – they think they might be outgunned, – and they’re terrified.

There are TWO (2) REASONS the DC political class should be scared:

  • they were so brazen about stealing an election for China Joe and his Hoe they’ve pissed off half the country – and embarrassed even their own people.


  • they let Soros get way out of hand – – and let AntiFA and BLM run amok across most of America’s major cities.   Now it was IN THEIR FACE!

The real OBJECTIVE of Wednesday’s Capitol Storming was to forever stain the Trump Brand,  – to make sure he couldn’t run again in 2024,  – and that none of his sons or daughters ever could either.

It may have worked.  Most left-leaning Democrats and Socialists have been wanting a blood-soaked event to hang over Trump,  – to squelch any possibility of a “Trump Dynasty”.

Only THINKING AMERICANS will ever remember that it was the Democrats who allowed the rise of the America-hating Soros, and his paid thugs – BLM and AntiFA.

It was the Democrats who stole an election….

It was the Democrat Party who recycled a career grifter with visible dementia into a Presidential candidate, – and teamed him up with a racist communist whore.

Democrats still tell the lie that FDR saved America from the Great Depression….

So they’ll be telling the lie that Trump wouldn’t surrender power and incited a riot….

Only YOU will ever be able to tell your kids and grandkids the TRUTH.  Better save the pictures!

The unintended consequence of these Democrat Party TREASONOUS ACTIONS is that Biden will NEVER be considered a ‘legitimate’ president,  – just a Commander-in-Thief.

And thus nobody will care very much when Kamala and the cabinet he is assembling under her watchful eyes has him committed to Walter Reed.

5 Responses to “6 Jan 2021 – The Sack Of Washington”

  1. MC

    So very true ! This was a false flag to get Biden certified. An example: Someone says to you – You have picked up my keys and they are in your right pocket. You know you don’t have them but they are insistent and ask several more times: What do you do – Empty your right pocket to prove them wrong.

    So why wouldn’t they all allow a review of the votes –apparently they were afraid of what would be found. Commonsense can’t be pushed in DC/Swamp because it is a Septic Tank!

  2. Sue Ettwein

    Not special schools, Mike. Public schools!

  3. Jim Buba

    Blinky shall NEVAH be pResident.

    I do not deny the vote, just note well that no matter how many times you count them all, the tally cannot change. That is why, in Massachusetts, they print 140% of the ballots necessary for any Municipality. When midnight turns into tomorrow and no law is specified, the blank extras are filled in to the numbers specified by the Dominion tallies… and an order to print sufficient blanks is rendered that the counts match in so many ways there is no question.

    You can count them a million times, but until it is commanded; One Breath, One Vote, it will not change. There is no way to change the count once the illegal ballots are placed atop the legal ballots.

    So sayeth the Lord.

  4. panther 6

    Our country has been sold down the socialist river. The next couple of years are going to be a disaster. God help us.

    All the average citizen wanted and asked for was a real analysis of the vote and what happened. We did not get that. Now we get Biden (for I suspect a short time) the Kamala. Oh boy.

  5. Kojack

    The DEMONCRATS had no problem with the looting, burning, raping and
    murdering that went on all summer because their own SCUM BAGS/USEFULL IDIOTS were the perps. That’s pretty rich. Trump should have declared ANTIFA a domestic terrorist group months ago as many of us were saying. That would have paved the way for him to take down Soros. Without Soros’ money and with ANTIFA GOONS being incarcerated this thing may not have happened.