55 Years Of Failed Social Engineering

Posted May 30th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Democrats won’t admit it,  – but Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” was never meant to improve the lives of America’s Black Families.   It was simply meant to guarantee a reliable block of Black VOTES – every election,  – paid for by America’s working taxpayers.
Thus while a few Blacks (like the Obamas) had doors held open for them,  and their paths to high office strewn with roses, – most of America’s Blacks were kept on inner city Voter Plantations.
These Slave Rebellions are to be expected!

The sad reality of Life is that our Police are not Boy Scouts,  – and there will be that small few who are dishonest, corrupt, racist, and brutal.  Under pressure – and in the thick of a stressful event,  – even a good cop can make a terrible mistake.  Shit happens.

Thus the death of George Floyd is tragic,  – perhaps negligent homicide,  ~ maybe ~ even 3rd Degree Murder…

Don’t expect third and fourth generation Voter Plantation Slaves to apply civilized White Society logic to these situations.

Any chance to raise them to react with a civilized calm perspective – and wait for Justice to work, – evaporated two generations ago when welfare policies designed to produce voting slaves drove Black fathers out of the families,  – leaving behind poorly educated teenage baby-mommas to raise their bastard children.

And send them to failing inner-city schools run by union teachers, – many who are quasi-literate AA/EEO hires – functionally unable to really teach.

Then America looked the other way, or winked, – as the plantations were flooded with drugs….

EVERT TIME Blacks have rioted in America to protest some injustice or outrage, – they have ALWAYS managed to burn out their own neighborhoods, hurt their own parents and grandparents, – and send white-owned business fleeing for the suburbs.

Then their Poverty Pimps demand that Washington come and fix the damage,  as if more Federal Money was the only cause worth fighting for.    WHEN have you seen the Poverty Pimps protesting a Black Baby’s death in front of Planned Murderhood?

POETIC JUSTICE?  Minnesota is a VERY liberal state, (Eugene McCarthy,  Hubert Humphrey,  Amy Klobuchar,  Keith Ellison,  Ilhan Omar…).

Now in their hour of need they are protected from mob violence by a soldier in a pony tail…

May the Good Lord watch over her! 

2 Responses to “55 Years Of Failed Social Engineering”

  1. panther 6

    LBJ has a lot to be ashamed of starting with Vietnam and the Great Society. I wonder if we will ever recover completely.

  2. W Larry

    The democratic party has always been the political party of slavery, of the confederacy, of the Ku Klux Klan, of Jim Crow, of Bull Connor. Instead of physically forcing “people of color” into slavery or to the back of the bus like they did back then; Satan has now upped their game against the weak-minded common people “of all colors”.

    Seems nearly every leftist-run local and state government throughout our country has been riddled with corruption and their own pocket-lining while the actual public they are sworn to serve suffer economically and socially. This is certainly also true at the federal level. Seems every member of the last administration entered office with modest personal wealth but left office gaining multiple millions, even billions in personal assets. Globalist and Chinese pay-offs they desperately want to hide. You see, public office to these types only means their own self-service. They are the ruling class over you and will keep you in slavery. They now use deception, lies, coercion and manipulation with the vast resources of the globalist-owning media. Instead of physical slavery, they now keep their slaves through ideological and emotional slavery. Bribing these deluded minions with the impossible promises of free everything, except free-thought and free-speech. Keeping them oppressed and fully dependent upon the scraps from the left’s white, elitist’s table (socialism). Satan is a liar and father of it.