Posted August 14th, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

It’s been less than a year and a half. Over 200,000 visitors.  And this is the 500th post. We had thought to post something weighty, something meaty, something pithy. Instead, I decided to reflect on what’s been happening. 

We’ve been around almost as long as PresO. (I venture to say we’ll be here long after he’s gone from the scene.)  How many vacations has PresO taken?  Surely not 500, but close!

Five hundred has some significance.

So many, yet here we are.  Our own 500.  Yes, it’s just a post, not too different from 499 or 501.  But a milestone nonetheless.

Ironmike and I want to thank all those who read our posts diligently, or casually. We do this for our own mental health.  The fact that you find it interesting to read is a bonus. Keep coming around. Certainly as the year progresses toward election day, things will heat up. 

Discussions may grow strident. Mostly because so much is at stake. But, if we keep our head, it’ll be interesting to watch the DemonDems self-destruct.  And then a short two more years to watch PresO enter the unemployment line just like so many are right now.

It’ll be a fun ride. Let’s make it as disastrous as possible for those who are not on the side of America.  That’s my pledge. 

Please raise your hand and do the same.  rr

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