413 Pages Of Emails That “Didn’t Exist”?

Posted August 7th, 2017 by Iron Mike

I’ve been watching Democrats bumble and bluster their way through wars,  elections,  and national emergencies since the Korean War, – when I was age 7.   It’s always the same,  – they have wonderful lofty goals,  – ambitious objectives, – and no clue about how to make any of it work.   So it was with electing Hillary last year.

Now 413 pages of just-released Obama Justice Dept emails seem to indicate that in their desperation – they broke a LOT of laws –
some of them VERY SERIOUS!

By her own public admission,  the meeting took place.   The real question is WHAT was it REALLY ABOUT – and did they discuss anything ILLEGAL?

Coincidence?   Just days later Lynch filed her first FISA request to tap Trump’s phones.  That request was denied – unusual for the FISA Court.  Later in the year Lynch would add some fake intelligence about “Russian collusion” to a second request – which was approved.

Meanwhile,  since reporters wanted to know what took place on the plane,  Lynch was using her grandmothers name – Elizabeth Carlisle – as an email name while sending and receiving those 400+ emails – “about an innocent meeting”

Let that sink in:  . . . it took 400+ emails to gin up a reasonable-sounding cover-story for ‘an innocent meeting’….

Do you begin to understand why Trump is PISSED that Jeff Sessions hasn’t reopened the Clinton investigation…?

THEY ALL LIED!!   Comey, Lynch, Obama, the Clintons, their horse-holders, E-V-E-R-Y DAMNED ONE OF THEM!

In addition to hating Trump’s guts because he is a nationalist and not a globalist, – the Democrats and their career bureaucrats are desperate to destroy him before Jeff Sessions can call a Grand Jury,  – and bring indictments against their whole evil oligarchy.



noun: democrat; plural noun: democrats; noun: Democrat; plural noun: Democrats

1.  an advocate, supporter, or believer in unicorns.

2.  ancient Greek word meaning lying hypocrite.

2 Responses to “413 Pages Of Emails That “Didn’t Exist”?”

  1. Hawk1776

    My fearless prognostication is that nothing will come of this. First, the mainstream media will do everything in it’s power to suppress the story. There are Russians to worry about after all. Second, the Republicans control the Presidency and both Houses of Congress and still can’t get anything done. What a dysfunctional lot. As Casey Stengel once said “can’t anyone here play this game?”.


  2. Sonny's Mom

    The Donks and their MSM media dept. keep hoping no one will remember, and they can just bury the #FACTS!… or reinvent them