4 Minutes Of Immigration Reality

Posted February 4th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Many of you have seen this short video on Facebook . If you haven’t,  take the 4 minutes!

Vetting immigrants from hostile lands isn’t a “Trump Issue”,  – it’s a survival issue;  – but for 8 years Obama giggled and looked the other way…   WHY?

If only 1 in 1,000 Muslim refugees turns out to be an ISIS killer,…who kills again here in the USA,…is that acceptable…?

HOW can you or an immigration official tell the difference?

Take the 4 minutes – listen to Steven Gern – and be thankful America still produces men like him!

The liberals at YouTube decide what you can see….

We’ll try again…. YouTube liberals keep killing this video.

Why would any THINKING American want to let in unvetted refugees from Islamic war zones,….even if they truly hated President Trump?


Remember, neither the Holy Bible nor our Constitution were written to be a suicide pact.   We Americans have a basic human right to defend ourselves,  – despite what the lunatic fringe may proclaim….

AND,…no foreigner sitting overseas has ANY rights under our US Constitution,  – unless we have allowed them to come here.

Suddenly – after 48 hours Steven Gern is ordered out of Iraq…?


6 Responses to “4 Minutes Of Immigration Reality”

  1. Jim Buba

    We need more hanging judges.

    A bit late to adorn them with Christmas Lights, so Valentine Hearts may have to do.

  2. Varvara

    Europe has a huge problem. It is estimated that 1,000,000 refugees/migrants are there with approximately 6% of military age and physically fit. That is 6,000 young men! That is an army! And they are already here, ask Montreal. They are coming in thru Texas, disguised and passing as Hispanic. There are not too many people who can tell an Arab from a Latino crossing into USA on a moonless night at 300 yards. BTW, those men coming in thru Texas are mostly Syrian.

    The police in Europe are beginning to tell the truth, they can not stop the crime, rape and murders. I have seen the photos of the razor blades and piles of hair that they leave behind. Some even buy a cross to wear to fool people.

    I did get to see the video before it was taken down.

  3. Kojack

    The so called “moderate” muslims could solve this problem if they wanted to. They who the imposters among them are but some are afraid of retribution and most go along with what the “radicals” are doing though they won’t pull the trigger themselves.

    This was illustrated by an anonymous poll of American muslims who said in the poll about a year ago that they preferred sharia law to the U.S. Constitution.

  4. Catherine

    We have MORE than the right to defend ourselves; it is actually our OBLIGATION.

    If our lives are a gift from God – as Jews & Christians believe – then to refuse to defend that life against those who would take it from us be force disparages the gift. Some might say it comes close to blasphemy in its contempt and irreverence for God’s gift of life.

    On His last night, knowing He would no longer be here to protect His disciples, Jesus Himself commanded His followers to sell their garments and use the proceeds to buy swords, if they had none (ref Luke 22). As a side note: swords were the “military grade assault weapons” of their day.

  5. Janis Dunavant

    Wellesey College (Hillary’s college) students, teachers, president, administration rewrite First Amendment: Violence justified against those with ‘dissenting views’ which means anyone can decide what they personally disagree with and do violence to them. Tolerant liberals?

    Women’s March: speakers: an ex-con, Diane Hyland, jailed for torture killing of a gay man, a Muslim woman with radical Muslim ties speaking about women’s equality; disgusting vagina costumes and vagina hats (do they really think those hats are kitten ears?); addressing Trump’s private locker room talk using a derogatory term from 12 years ago, but perfectly ok with Muslim views of women including rape, beating, lashing, instant divorce on male demand, genital mutilation, acid attacks, honor killings, and stoning because they don’t want to be xalled Islamophobic. No courage or integrity! Shameful.

    Governor Cuomo, New York: Conservators, Christians, gun owners ‘have no place in New York’. Vetoed bill giving free legal aid to poor citizens. Gave $10 million tax dollars to give illegal aliens free legal aid to protect their ‘rights’.

    14 year old girl in Maryland raped by 17 and 18 year old Illegal alien MEN who dragged her out of a public hallway into a mens room at a school at 9 in the
    morning. They raped her orally, vaginally, and anally at the same time as they held her down over a toilet and spoke Spanish to each other. The school allowed these adult illegals to go to school with children because putting them in separate schools or classes was not ‘inclusive’. The school Superintendent called concerned parents ‘racist’ (here’s a clue, dummy, Hispanics are Caucasians!) and ‘xenophobic’, and claimed the school made ‘student safety’ a priority. This man gets over $300,000 a year and his policies are complicit in this rape.The defense attorney said the girl had texted one of the men (the other was a complete stranger) and that the sex was ‘consensual’ (Really? Statutory rape doesn’t apply for a 14 year old child?). Where are the feminists? Too busy marching and Trump-bashing? No courage or integrity again.

    500′,000 Muslim girls in the US are in danger of genital mutilaion. There was an arrest of a female Muslim ER doctor in New York this week for performing genital mutilation on Muslim girls of seven and eight. Where were the feminists to protest this horror of a crime against women? Afraid again if being called Islamophobic? Oh, that’s right….they were too busy with the ‘Tax March’ demanding Trump’ tax returns which he by law does not have to orovide. Again, no courage or integrity. For shame, my fellow feminists!

    Let’s get rid of some demented, senile old dinosuar fossils: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and John McCain. You are not relevant! Just go to nursing homes NOW!

  6. Janis Dunavant

    Less than 1% of the US is Muslim. That’s over three million,,but we are 325,000,000 strong. 70% in the US are Christians. Two thirds are non-Hispanic Caucasian. 50% are Conservatives. Why are the majority of the people so discriminated against? Do they not have rights? Why are liberals trying to shame us and blame us for all the ills of the country? Are we supposed to hang our heads and feel guilty? We are taxpayers, we are guaranteed the rights to free speech, freedom of the press (remember that, FOX news haters), the right to bear arms and freedom of religion just as much as the minority rights.
    Are we supposed to bow down and accept hate groups like BLM? Last year, 250 black men were killed by cops, and 64 police officers were killed. That’s all. Yes, they are tragedies to family and friends, but are they worth riots and race wars? In large cities, 80% of child/teen deaths are from gang-related violence. 80% of criminals carry guns for ‘protection’. Why should the law-abiding citizens give up the guns they use for protection? About 15,000 people die from gunshots. About 40% are suicides. The deaths represent 0.00004% of the US population. Again, tragic for families and friends, but not worth sacrificing our Second Amendment Constitutional rights and protections.
    I fail to understand why people like Obama, Hillary, Gov. Cuomo, Sen. Diane Feinstein and other ultra-liberals are so focused on gun ownership. I also am frustrated that our ‘lawmakers’ want to endlessly debate teansgender bathroom issues, which is such a small problem. How about this nonsence about creating ‘safe spaces’ only for the ultra liberals (they are certainly not safe for Christians or conservatives). We have ISIS, overwhelming taxation of the middle class, unaffordable health care for the middle class, illegal immigration, corruption in government, the deficit. Why don’t the lawmakers focus in the big issues? Isn’t that what we pay them to do? Oh, yes, the taxpayers. The poor can’t afford to pay taxes, and the rich don’t pay taxes. Government and all politicians are paid by the middle class, yet we have no vote. THEY work for US! We need to take back the government because people like Cuomo with his $10 million illegal alien defense funds and Gov. Jerry Brown with his sanctuary state that takes billions of taxpayer dollars for the support of illegals, think they have the right to divert OUR money for THEIR pet projects.