Niki Tsongas Running Scared

Posted March 2nd, 2010 by Iron Mike

There was a Tsongas sighting – briefly – in Acton Mass last night.   Of course I went there to protest her policies and be a little in her face.  The whole thing kept me laughing for 2+ hours. 

When I’d last seen Niki [aka “Mrs” Jim O’Brien of Charlestown] she was doing her humor-the-peasants thing in the Tewksbury Library – where she arrived in a tiny Kia with two bodyguards – who looked pretty funny trying to climb out of that sardine can. 

I guess the bodyguards weren’t the image she wanted, – or enough protection from unhappy constituants.  I pulled up at 492 Main Street and there was one of Acton’s Finest – a uniformed police officer – standing guard.  Niki arrived fashionably late,  and I gave her my traditional greeting.   For two hours both friends and foes filed into that tiny office to praise, beseech, or condemn her.  She looked worn and tired,  – one visitor felt she might be sick.

The event must have worn on her.  People were going in and coming back out within minutes – a few so fast I wondered what was happening.   Answer – from several – is that she wasn’t listening to any opposing voices.  If you went in to tell her NOT to vote for something – she took your information and dismissed you.  Damn those annoying peasants!  Don’t they know how important Socialism is?”

I made some more friends, and got a few more signatures on Sam Meas’s papers.  Inside as the event closed,  there was a scramble to sign Tsongas’ papers.  A collection of a dozen-plus frumpy moonbats remain faithfully loyal to her, – although when challenged on specifics they can only say things like “Oh, I love Niki!”. 

God save America from uninformed and single-issue voters!   Niki departed in a Jeep SUV,  – which her driver  running while she posed for photos.  All that nasty CO2, tisk, tisk, tisk . . .  Of course, she ~ might ~ have also been upset knowing the evening news was breaking with the story that she was “donating” the tainted money she’d taken from Charlie Rangel to a charity.   Which charity Niki?  Show us the proof!

Folks, when a blogger can mention America’s third dumbest congresswoman and America’s dirtiest congressman in the same paragraph,  – there is hope for us all come November 2nd.  Whee!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts! 

Hat Tip to the Acton and Boxborough PDs.  At one point there were four (4) uniformed officers there.  Us right-wing Acton peasants are just so dangerous!

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