Two Great Heart Doctors

Posted July 18th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Hello Americans, thanks for clicking in today!

I just returned from a few days in St. Elsewhere – getting a triple bypass.  So I thought I’d talk to you a bit about two great doctors, and about our American Medical System.

Just so you understand my perspective, I am amazed at my age to still be alive.  Given some of the stuff I did as a young soldier, – I figured I’d end up fertilizing some remote piece of nowhere, and become little more than a name on a wall with an * indicating MIA.  So imagine my profound shock at being alive at this age, and having doctors tell me that I have many years to go.  [Hear that Ketchup Boy?]

So my first heart attack came on slowly back in 2003.  By the luck of the draw I was placed into the hands of Tom LaMattina of Concord.  His skill in placing stents is of Olympian status, – and I’ve told hundreds of people over the years that Tom is the Hand of God come down to earth to give your loved one a new lease on life.

But some of us – me included – continue to have our bodies play tricks on us – no matter how we alter our diets and stick to the prescribed pills.  My stents plugged themselves to the point that Tom had to give me the bad news, – I needed the Big Kahuna – the By-Pass God.  So I went – reluctantly – to meet Doctor George Tolis.  And I’m here today to tell you – he IS the BIG KAHUNA.  If you or a loved one has a heart problem,  this is the name you want to keep in your wallet and your pocket, and on your desk at home and work.

George was recruited – just like a “franchise quarterback” from Lenox Hill in NYC to rebuild the image of heart surgery at St Elizabeth’s.  He is certainly doing that, – and you see it everywhere – right down to the folks who clean the rooms and mop the halls.  He has reduced post-op infections to near-zero.

So if you’re here reading my blog for the first time, – you don’t know me from Adam.  So google me a bit, and you’ll quickly discover I can be a scathing and discriminatory SOB, – and I don’t have much use for assholes or incompetents, – or liars.  Thus when I tell you that LaMattina and Tolis are two names you want to keep – you can believe it.

Another point I want to make is that a hospital like St. Elizabeth’s would NEVER be able to go recruiting a doctor like George Tolis under any version of ObamaCare.  Nor will you have any choice.  When your heart is failing and the pain in your chest is telling you that death is upon you, – you’ll have to settle for whomever the government thinks is good enough – sort of like the Judge Sonia Sotomayor of heart surgeons, when what you need to stay alive is somebody like LaMattina or Tolis.

And don’t believe for a moment that Fat Teddy believes in this ObamaCare either.  The system they are determined to force you into will exempt EVERY member of Congress and their families [guess that’s another reason to run for office].  When Fat Teddy was told there was a huge lump of cancer sitting in his brain, – he scoured the country to find someone to give him a few more years.  He picked Dr. Allan Friedman of Duke Medical Center.  Think you’d get a choice like that under ObamaCare?

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

UPDATE: July 2014 Doctor Tolis is now at Mass General Phone 617 724-0800

2 Responses to “Two Great Heart Doctors”

  1. Rabid Republican

    Amen, brother. Glad you’re back… and stronger than ever. (Although I’m sure some LIBs will be resting a little less easy tonight.) If we were on OCare… you’d probably still be on a waiting list somewhere. rr

  2. tj

    glad to hear you up and about I.M. I met one of those Docs a few years ago. Seems like a great guy!