33 DOUBLE-DIGIT Winners Announced!

Posted May 6th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Guess what these cities ALL have in common…?
Winning cities
Go ahead,  try to guess before you click:

All of these double-digit cities were once bustling,  prosperous centers of industry and commerce, – where manufacturing,  ship-building,  fishing,  wood-working,  tool-making,  shoe manufacturing and shipping employed hundreds of thousands of working men and women.

Go ahead, – take a drive through any of them today;  – and look at the empty mills,  the empty storefronts, the decaying homes and the decaying lives…..

Empty Factories

What do they all have in common…?

Generations of electing Democrats!    Democrats who ripped off city treasuries, – taxed industry out of the state, and catered to municipal employee unions as if the taxpayers could always cough up the extra money…..

.until slowly there were fewer and fewer taxpayers….

…but more and more families – citizens and then illegal immigrants on the welfare rolls,  and swelling the school classrooms…..

…and now the frustration becomes despair,…and some seek relief and escape in pain killers….and die….



Take a look at the ENTIRE LIST….see how many died in your town and nearby towns where your kids go on a regular basis….

A REAL JOB gives a man purpose and dignity….

A welfare check / EBT Card gives a man – and his children – servitude,  maybe for several generations…

just the way Democrats want their voters,…in servitude.

Quincy Shipyard

Did you know that Massachusetts once built half the ships in the US Navy?   

Now John Kerry had his yacht built in New Zealand – to avoid taxes…and because all our boat builders are GONE!

The LEGACY of the Democrats in Massachusetts:

empty treasuries & bloated municipal and state payrolls

generations of corrupt political families

empty factories – become firetraps that kill firemen

poorly repaired roads & overpriced projects

failing schools – that no longer teach History

bloated welfare rolls & massive fraud

empty storefronts

empty hopeless lives

drug addiction and street gangs

teenage mothers & bustling abortion clinics

5 Responses to “33 DOUBLE-DIGIT Winners Announced!”

  1. Panther 6

    Sadly Massachusetts is just the eastern tip of a national iceberg created by liberal demorat politicians. AND it just gets worse as more folks accept welfare and EBT vice hard work.

  2. Chris Funnell

    I had no idea that my city of Medford had 15 overdose deaths in 2015. Where is the media on this? They are also responsible for all of this.

    The Medford Tea party is meeting May 10th at Engine #5 Firehouse meeting room 0 Main St. Medford. Please come out and let’s turn this train around!

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    The so-called “MEDIA” – who enjoy special freedoms under our 1st Amendment – but who long ago abandoned their corresponding RESPONSIBILITIES – has become the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party…

  3. Hawk1776

    Larger cities such as Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, New York etc., which have long been governed by Democrats are in decline. It shouldn’t be a surprise that smaller ones are too. Patronage begats patronage; corruption begats corruption. Maybe term limits would help. How long until Boston is on the list?

  4. Jim Gettens

    Another BIG factor in factory/plant closings–our tremendously high energy costs compared to those of other states, which stupid Massachusetts politicians of BOTH parties have caused to escalate. The fine industrial parks in our town are starved for natural gas, yet that cowardly SOB RINO, Charles D. Baker, Jr., refused to back the Kinder-Morgan plan to bring a new natural gas pipeline to northeastern Massachusetts, kowtowing to the Environmental whackjobs instead by saying in speeches that we need more wind and solar-generated electricity, and Quebec hydro-power electricity. Kinder-Morgan then withdrew its pipeline plan two weeks ago. The geographical locations good for unsightly wind turbines are limited, and solar-panel manufacturers are going bankrupt. Environmental Whackjobs themselves are fighting above-ground New Hampshire power lines needed to bring electricity to Massachusetts from Quebec. Baker and his Energy Secretary, Beaton, are Gutless and Clueless.

    Unitil Power Company itself, because of its outrageous electricity pricing, is responsible for plant closings in Fitchburg.

    The hits just keep on coming…

  5. Robert Cheney

    I am from Westford Mass. I left Massachusetts in the 70’s, because I saw this cancer eating away at our future. I could come home and start my estimated $1.5 Trillion dollar a year industry (a clean industry), but I do not, because the Democrats/Socialists of this nation ruined it.

    Currently, I am in California. Will I open my business here? Nope. It too has a socialist/communist government. I see young people working at menial jobs, who have two and three degrees. Yet they expect me to run an industry in a communist/totalitarian Police/Taxation state. I won’t do it. Now try and figure out, why all those past manufacturing facilities are empty and dilapidated. Can’t figure it out–can you?