2nd Mass Shooting – Dayton, Ohio

Posted August 4th, 2019 by Iron Mike

10 more dead – a body count the gun grabbing Democrats will pounce on before the blood dries.  A neighborhood of sidewalk cafes was shot up by a now-dead gunman at 1 AM this morning.

Seems more likely to be a disgruntled employee or a lover’s spat…but of course the anti-gun crowd will ignore facts and blame the gun.

The Oregon District is (was) known as a safe area of town, sidewalk cafes, bars, some sex shops and movie houses….

There will be great pressure on the police to withhold details about the dead shooter and his past….because facts will get in the way of the anti-gun narrative.

LESSON:  While the gun-grabbers take advantage of the El Paso and Dayton body count….

BE SMART,  – Arm Yourself,  and CARRY ALWAYS!


2 Responses to “2nd Mass Shooting – Dayton, Ohio”

  1. panther 6

    Oh yes these 2 events so close together will bring out all the anti gun folks and the rhetoric will be horrendous. They will be after everything from slingshots to machine guns.

  2. Leonard Mead

    Yeah, Mike,
    The liberals let NO OUTRAGE be un-used to grab guns, raise taxes and hire more bureaucrats!

    Here’s my long-winded take on this:

    The Liberal Media Explains
    Recent “Mass Murders”
    A person randomly killing others has untreated mental or moral problems. But a-moral liberals and the fake media have delusional explanations and “cures” to prevent more occurrences. Here are some examples from the media in Boston.

    • “Gun” violence. Is that like “road” violence? Because motorists have accidents on “roads?” Do guns pick themselves up and shoot people? Do roads cause accidents?

    • “Gun Laws.” Like, where a drug dealer needs another gun and has his girlfriend with no criminal record get a gun for him? “Gun” laws will certainly prevent THAT! Forget that our beautiful country was founded by shooting enough of a tyrant king’s soldiers and mercenaries that they gave up subjugating us to their “royal” edicts. Enter our Second Amendment.

    • Trump’s racism. Whaaaaaat? Like WHERE? Like criticizing back Elijah Cummings (who, yes, has black skin pigment) after he ranted against courageous Border Control agents implying, they were “racists” for enforcing our immigration laws? Stating that Cummings’ Baltimore district is a rat-hole and unsafe for anyone in spite of $18 billion per year in federal funds? That maybe Cummings should clean up his OWN district before criticizing Border Agents enforcing our laws? Just WHERE is any racism? It’s just the truth.

    • Not enough democrat “sanctuary cities” protecting citizens from the stress of obeying our laws — thus leading to aberrant behavior? Strange how the worst run US cities with the highest homelessness, misery, crime and human feces on the sidewalks like Chicago, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco are run by liberal democrats proud of their fiefdoms being “sanctuary cities?”

    • “Sick” society. Sick with hate, racism, white privilege, and no sense of what’s right and wrong? Welfare for life destroying families where teen-age mothers with no husband are paid $90 weekly for each fatherless kid couldn’t have anything to do with THAT, eh?

    OK, that’s enough. I’m making MYSELF sick just looking at these nonsensical screed points by the left.

    None of these “reasons” are real. NONE.

    Conservatives realize and accept that:
    • Evil does exist – some in every man and woman
    • Mental illness exists and can be treated
    • Right and wrong exist and deserve to be debated and argued without childish liberal name-calling, primarily in the home, not in liberally run public union schools declaring themselves “no place for hate” and “gun free” zones.
    • The public is not helped by the fake media smearing mass murder events across our TV screens, newspapers and magazines ad nauseum for days with headlines such as, “This is what we have become” (The Boston Globe’s huge two-line front page headline) concluding with “a nation reeling anew over unchecked gun violence.”

    Individuals cause evil. Not guns. Individuals mostly chose what they do. But the mentally ill – most of whom seem to have been bullied in schools or abused at home – need and deserve help. Intervention helping citizens with mental health needs could be a big part of reducing future deranged murders of innocents.

    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative