2LT Spenser Rapone Is O-U-T-!

Posted June 10th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Whether this young man has maturity problems,  – is a die-hard commie,  – or has mental deficiencies,  – I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about him.   But for the moment,  – at least he’s OUT of our Army!

He is emblematic of how bad our military got under Obama,  – where our need for manpower let this twisted soul get in,  – get through Jump School and Ranger School, – deploy to Afghanistan, – and later get into West Point – and graduate

On Graduation Day – newly minted 2LT Rapone displayed too much hair and too much communist sympathy.  It should have been flagged years earlier.

Bergdahl – Manning – Rapone – how did they get in – and why were they allowed to stay? 

How weak and corrupt did Army leadership – indeed all Military leadership – get under Obama?

Were leaders at each level afraid to speak up in the Obama era?

Back when I joined the Army a commie would have been gone within 24 hours of discovery,  – and it wouldn’t have been gentle!

Bradley Manning likely wouldn’t have survived his blanket party,  and Bergdahl should look over his shoulder for the rest of his life.

The recent photo of 16 Black female cadets at West Point – posing with clenched fists,  – is clear evidence that racism is being allowed openly in our ranks.

So 2LT Spenser got assigned to the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum,  – and he kept up his overt political activity – including some rants against our Commander-in-Chief.

While some political expression is allowed by military personnel – doing so IN UNIFORM – is not….

So it seems a compromise was quietly reached;  – Spenser would ‘resign’  – and depart with an “Other-than-honorable” discharge.

I’m guessing he’ll find one of our commie congress critters to petition to have it upgraded….

Bergdahl – Manning – Rapone; – we’ve wasted too much time, money, and blood on these wasted sperms.

7 Responses to “2LT Spenser Rapone Is O-U-T-!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    It wouldn’t surprise me to find another skeleton in his closet…..

  2. Hawk1776

    Given that he did not fulfill his post-West Point military obligation, he owes the country for his education. That’s north of $200,000.

  3. Panther 6

    This lad skirted the edge of disobedience for four years at Hudson high and got away with it. He should have been ‘found’ and thrown out before he ever got a commission. I am very disappointed that this turkey wore jump wings. The Army screwed up not bringing him up on charges, he would have been convicted and given prison time and a Bad Conduct Discharge – he deserved that.

    I also think Hawk 1776 is right – this Commie idiot owes us for his education.

    BET the politically correct Army leadership will overlook that fact.

  4. Clinton Ma Tea party

    Has it become against the law to shoot or hang traitors? Sure are alot of them running around.
    Obama, Clintons, soros, Bush family, and more.

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    Seems to me it’s only right that he repay the cost of his education and sustenance during. After all, he did breach his contract, and similar circumstances in any other industry would certainly lead to litigation. But my guess is he skates….

    It would probably cost the DOD more than the cost of the scumbag’s education to sue him and recover. And anyway, he likely lacks the resources to pay any judgement rendered and then that race would then be on. Or some liberal, commie scumbag or organization would foot the bill just to give the Army another black eye… Hopefully, the military has learned from this and opening itself to the publicity and lame stream media ridicule would only be another…

    As for myself, I wouldn’t have taken this direction. Oh, I’d have done my job, issued non-judicial punishment for his stupidity, given him specific guidance, “retrained” and kept him close. In time he’d cross another line. Then, with the stage set, drum the punk out with real consequences.

    You can’t change a person’s attitude. You can only make circumstances around that person exist in such a manner that the attitude changes by itself.

  6. Mt Woman

    Infiltrator first order, has that facial smirk like I got one over on America. So sad that this guy made the grade and took a slot away from someone much more deserving of the superior education and training.

  7. Ben

    I hope that this is not indicative of what is happening to our military or we will fall from within. These radicals need not only disciplinary action but a good GI shower and a boot out of our military. West Point should not stand for what is going on.