22,000 Sincere Thank-Yous!

Posted January 21st, 2020 by Iron Mike

We Americans who watched and prayed from home owe a HUGE Thank You to the 22,000+ American Patriots who put on a show of force in Richmond, Virginia Monday.

Those men and women went forth – in the cold,  – many traveling great distances to get there, – to stand up to age-old gun-grabbing imperial tyranny!  They were awesome – every last one!

Those 22,000+ Americans had no certain knowledge that they’d ever return home alive – or intact. They had no way of knowing that some rogue cop, – or some rogue infiltrating provocateur might start shooting – inciting wholesale carnage in the streets.

And, sadly, – there were infiltrators,  – but they were quickly sniffed out by alert citizens and isolated. Soros has once again underestimated our citizenry.

So they came – most armed, – many well-armed, and in full battle-rattle.  Like Americans throughout history, they came in peace – but came ready for danger.  Most observers were amazed at how many were veterans,  and at how quickly those veterans bonded into impromptu squads.

The payoff of our “well-regulated militia” – today our Active Military, – is a vast reserve of seasoned warriors who retain their deadly skills for decades – until they are too old and too crippled to walk or lift a rifle.

Its a fact that socialist gun-grabbers cannot fathom,  – because they’ve never been a part of it.  The anti-gun fraction of our population have led protected lives – because bolder better citizens have taken up arms, sworn an OATH to our Constitution,  – and gone forth to do dangerous and sometimes dreary duty around the globe.

Patriotism, service to our Nation, and a love of Freedom have never been exclusively a “White Supremacist” hallmark,  – although today’s liberal globalists try to brand these virtues with that smear.   They should research the name Crispus Attucks.   

But they won’t – because they already ‘know everything’.

So when our fellow citizens began to assemble in Richmond Monday – to make a clearly visible and clearly understood statement to Governor Northam and his Virginia LibTurds,  – they were hoping for a peaceful day,  – but they came ready for a deadly firefight. 

That took immeasurable courage,  and we should thank them!

And a special thanks to that young man who spent the day lugging his 30 pound $9,000 Barrett around the streets.

We can only hope that the LibTurds get the message:

“NO,  you’re not going to take our weapons.”

We will not surrender them!

And unless you are personally ready to come door-knocking – don’t even think of sending sworn police officers to come confiscating weapons from honest law-abiding citizens.

Our police officers know more History and more about our Constitution than you do.

And if you LibTurds failed to notice,  – those gun-toting Patriots picked up their trash before they departed.

22,000+ Sincere heart-felt Thank-Yous! 


UPDATE:  Presidents’ Day 17 Feb 2020  The Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee scuttles the bill – when 4 Democrats join the Republican minority.

3 Responses to “22,000 Sincere Thank-Yous!”

  1. Kojack

    A fellow patriot here at work sent me this link to a 12 minute video. It’s well worth watching the whole thing and it kinda puts an exclamation mark on this EXCELLENT POST.


  2. Clinton ma Tea party

    “WE the People ”
    Will fight and defend our Constitution from these anti American forces that want to destroy our country.


  3. GreenBeretLTC

    I hear the VA Legislature and Lame Stream Media folks were all huddled deep in a state house basement bunker fervently praying that someone would open fire and legitimize their stupidity….