2024 Will Be Fun To Watch!

Posted November 28th, 2021 by Iron Mike

It took Crooked China Joe and his Whore well under 10 months to double gas prices and tank in the polls.  Already career Democraps in Congress are announcing they won’t run in 2022.

But the most ruthless Fidel Castro wannabes are already sharpening their soundbites and their daggers.   Blood will flow!

Even the die-hard commies at PBS, CNN and MSNBC are aware that Crooked China Joe’s days of wandering aimlessly around the White House are limited.

Just a matter of time before the XXV Amendment is invoked.

Your 2024 Democrat Contenders:

Forget China Joe.  The Dementia Patient is unlikely to finish 2022….

Forget VP Kneepads.  Her approval numbers are even lower than Joe’s; – and she’s already made a public embarrassment of herself on EVERY issue.  Anybody in the Democrap Party think she’ll visit the Rid Grand Valley in 2022…?   Anybody…?

Moscow Bernie Sanders has been the real winner in 2021.  His decades-long cry for $15.oo/ hour has come true – since the Federal Government is paying people to stay home.

Hillary – the disbarred Arkansas lawyer is still telling people that Trump ‘stole’ 2016 from her.   If she runs again,  – and she IS keeping up her public image – more people will die.   Everyone who visited Epstein’s island – even Bill – is at risk of a ‘terrible accident’ – aka of bring Arkancided.

Michelle Obama – the disbarred Chicago lawyer – is constantly mentioned,   because there are still stupid sexist Americans who want to see a Black WOMAN rule the country.   They’ll ignore her racism. Michelle has tried to soften her image and is pretending these days to like white people.   And she’s wearing clothes which won’t reveal her ‘equipment’…

California’s Gavin Newsom somehow (election fraud?) survived a recall election,  – and now believes he’s ready for a bigger stage.   You are expected to ignore both the business exodus from the state – and the wave of Blacks looting stores.

The ersatz box-checking Cherokee Squaw still wants to punish all banks because one foreclosed on her daddy.   Her bitterness, rancor, and hatred of people with big money is palpable.  Who does she thinks starts businesses and hires us ‘little people’? 

REMEMBER:   Whoever wins the 2024 Democrap Nomination, – they’ll have to pick a totally incompetent and thoroughly loathsome “running mate” as life insurance,  just as Obama did in 2008.

Hillary picked little Timmy Kaine,  and Biden ‘picked’ Kneepads.

Who will Hillary pick in 2024?

2 Responses to “2024 Will Be Fun To Watch!”

  1. Jim Buba

    Still overlooked from 2020 was the theft of the Senate in MI, GA and AZ

    To think of it as biden specific is just the tip of the Ballot Fraud Iceberg

  2. Panther 6

    Jim Buba is absolutely right. Any honest American politician should rebel at such thievery at the polls.

    As for Biden, his minions and the train wreck they have turned our nation into – well 2022 must be the start of a major shift in direction or we are doomed.