2021 Summer Flash Points To Watch

Posted March 20th, 2021 by Iron Mike

It promises to be a long,  hot,  and bloody summer;  – and nobody in the Biden-Harris White House has a clue.

Perim Island and the Gate of Tears:

Bab-el-Mandeb is the ancient Gate of Tears – the 5-mile wide passage between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden – and on to the Indian Ocean.   Broke and desperate,  – expect the Iranians to seize Perim Island – perhaps working with the Chinese Navy, – to control this busy and vital sea lane.

If they do,  the price of Oil worldwide will skyrocket.

China – India Ongoing Border War:

This is the 21st Century Third-World nuclear war fiction writers have speculated about for decades – one where the USA isn’t even involved,  – but gets drawn in,  – and bloodied.


China Threatens Taiwan:

Expect the Red Chinese to test the resolve (confusion and cowardice) of the Biden Cartel (Kamala Harris) by a massive show of strength across the Taiwan Straits,  to include possibly sinking Taiwanese ships and even US Navy ships.

This situation could easily escalate to a nuclear standoff,  – even a nuclear exchange.


They WILL take advantage of his personal weakness,  his general stupidity,  – and that for his entire political life he has always been wrong on the issues,  – and only holds office now as a result of massive fraud – that they helped engineer.

They ~ might ~ even hold his son Hunter hostage.


Mexico Border Incident – South Texas

George Soros’ attempts to destroy our Constitutional Republic are focused on illegal immigration and drugs. The Biden Criminal Cartel has helped by green lighting mass migration.

Expect a manufactured incident along the Rio Grande which will pressure the Dementia Puppet to order Trump’s wall torn down and admit a million immigrants per month – no questions asked.


US Courthouse Portland Oregon:

For two years AntiFA and BLM have targeted the courthouse in a series of violent riots and assaults.

They have been aided and abetted by a Soros-backed District Attorney and a communist City Council and a spineless Mayor – Ted Wheeler.

With the weather warming – expect these assaults to intensify, – and the courthouse to be breached – and likely burned.

If the Portland courthouse burns,  – expect AntiFA / BLM to spread the violence to at least a dozen other cities where Soros-funded DA’s are already in place.


The Common Thread….

The one thing all these flash points have in common is that there is nothing in CRITICAL RACE THEORY or the GREEN NEW DEAL which prepares anybody in the Biden-Harris Cartel to deal with them.

These are the kinds of world and national crisis that change history,  – and for which no US President can solve by signing Executive Orders,  – or get Congress to approve new taxes to pay off the Huns.

They WILL however – use these crisis to further restrict your rights,  – starting with your travel rights and your gun rights.

Expect Facebook, Twitter, and Google to side with the rioters and the Chinese.



If you have business in Washington DC,  – get it done soon,  before AntiFA and BLM begin their 2021 siege of the Capital and the White House.  You can expect China Joe to retreat to Andrews AFB,  – or perhaps Camp David….

The National Guard can’t be everywhere.  If they’re back home protecting state capitals,  – they can’t be in DC.

Biden would have to bring in the 82nd Airborne from Fort Bragg,  and maybe the 101st Airborne from Fort Campbell.

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  1. Ben

    This new (old) administration better start working on our defense. China and Russia are going to walk all over us. This administration better grow a pair of balls. They are more concerned about Trump than our well being. Pelosi and the rest of her spiteful pukes will bring this country down. They are more concerned about their riches than our country . Wake up America before its too late. The Dems will be the first to cry for help.