2021: Do We Kneel,…Or FIGHT BACK?

Posted January 1st, 2021 by Iron Mike

For 65 years,  – since the days of LBJ,  America has had a growing impoverished and nearly destitute underclass living in big city ghettos,  and living on welfare checks and government handouts.

Now state governors want all of us living by the grace and benevolence of government officials.  Once Americans rallied to shoot British soldiers.  Now self-appointed government spies – “Karens”,  – are turning their neighbors in for not wearing masks.   By what authority?

This Wuhan Coronavirus may be deadly for some already-compromised people,    but no more so than the yearly seasonal flu. 

The left seized on the term “PANDEMIC” to scare the crap out of craven people,  and thus undermine the presidency of Donald Trump,  and return awakened Americans to government dependency and control.

Now you obediently wear a mask,  stay 6 feet from others,  and avoid shaking hands,  – as you stock up on toilet paper and bleach.

You’ve been conditioned since childhood to respect (obey) authority and follow the rules (no matter how stupid or evil they are).

Are you a THINKING CITIZEN with a free will,  – or an OBEDIENT SUBJECT?

What example are you setting for your children – if a talking head on CNN can convince you to totally change your behavior?

Maybe it’s nearly time to lynch some politicians,  – some strutting politicians,  – maybe the medical dictator Doctor Fauci,  and a few of their media cheerleaders…?

After all,  the ongoing historical threat of rouge dictators is EXACTLY WHY our Founders gave us our 2nd Amendment,  – so that if and when all else failed,  – we could repel the minions and sheriffs of the dictators,  – with gunfire.

2021 opens with America awaiting the November election to play out in the Courts and in Congress.

A small cartel of Chinese-backed “Democrat” insiders has just stolen an election from our people.  They’ve committed TREASON,  and should be arrested,  tried,  and executed.

Patriots have already stockpiled ammo,  – so much that it’s become hard to find in the gun stores.

If you’re not armed – it’s about time.  No need to die as unarmed collateral damage.

4 Responses to “2021: Do We Kneel,…Or FIGHT BACK?”

  1. Jim Buba

    Can we just shoot first and apologize later?

  2. Blossom Stiefel

    The left, with the help of the virus, is actively working to lower our expectations for the future. Hide from friends and loved ones, give up our freedom to worship, to conduct business, to go to school, to accept a diminished life as a result is not acceptable for Americans.
    It is frightening how many Americans are willing to sacrifice personal freedoms for this virus. Scary how complicit mainstream media exaggerate and lie to help the left in their quest for control of our people. We must fight this takeover, or we will live this “new normal” that the left has foisted upon all of us.

  3. Kojack

    Hey Jim, how about if they apologize on their knees and we shoot anyway…and then laugh about it?

    2021 has started out with a bad omen for me concerning the china virus; at about 08:30 I stepped out onto our side porch to bask in the sunlight and looked across the street to see a tall male in his 20’s walking on the sidewalk with with a mask on with nobody else in sight….

  4. Stubby Buddy

    What the left refuses to see or understand is that if we allow the THEFT of our elections to stand this year, there is absolutely NOTHING to stop a second civil HOT war. Die trying, or die as an example to the other serfs/slaves not to make waves… hmmm, I’ll take TRYING for $1,000. Every. Damn. Time.