2021: A Year Already Awash In Racial Madness

Posted March 2nd, 2021 by Iron Mike

We begin the year with a lifelong crook (now suffering advanced dementia) – as pResident;  Black mothers dropping their newborns in trash cans;  – and a very white Harvard grad determining that Dr. Seuss wrote racist books…?

And we’re only 61 days into the new year?

OK,  so rank and file Staffers don’t make management decisions to kill or ban books.

Let’s look at the Management Team….

WHAT ON EARTH  has suddenly prompted Penguin Random House to vilify and ban their own books,  – 30 years after Ted (Dr. Seuss) Geisel died?

For three long years America has been subjected to kneeling athletes,  BLM marches and protests – to include burning businesses and pulling down statues;  – while NOTHING was done to stop Black gang-bangers from waging all-out warfare in all of our inner-city voter plantations.


Folks,  Madeline McIntosh is just one of a horde of left-wing ultra-elitist know-it-ALLs who are doing their damnedest to distract you from their agenda of gutting our American Conservative and Christian traditions…

…and replacing them with godless globalist communism.

Between now and the election in November 2022,  you have no more urgent task than to teach your kids and grandkids about History and our Country.

AND teach them to recognize these communist snakes!

2 Responses to “2021: A Year Already Awash In Racial Madness”

  1. Sue Ettwein

    Amen Mike!

  2. Keith

    Now I can’t decide what to have for dinner
    One fish two fish red fish blue fish or perhaps just green eggs and ham