2018-19 The Winter Of AntiFA Escalation

Posted December 2nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

The Spring and Summer of 2019 are going to be very ugly on our West (Left) Coast.  It seems various members of AntiFA have been visiting gun shops….

Photo-journalist Andy Ngo was accosted trying to enter a pro-Constitution rally in Seattle – and the police essentially discouraged him – even as the AntiFA thugs threatened him…

One of the armed thugs threatened:  Are you willing to die for your YouTube shit?”

Folks,  nobody but these Communist agitators want to see another Civil War here in the USA.

But if you aren’t at least getting READY – while you still have TIME,…you’re a bloody fool.  Particularly if you live in a medium to big city.   You’re living in their kill zone.

5 Responses to “2018-19 The Winter Of AntiFA Escalation”

  1. Kojack

    The former OCCU-PUKES will piss themselves and run when the real shooting starts. They haven’t faced any REAL OPP-FOR yet.

  2. Binglan Wong


  3. Panther 6

    Kojack is right these idiots are in for a real surprise although I am not sure how many patriotic citizens on the Left Coast are armed. Here in FL they would face a major lead barrage especially in Polk County where Sheriff Grady Judd calls the tune. Be aware, be armed and be ready. Last think 99.9% of citizens want is a shooting war.

  4. Walter Knight

    Most Americans are too comfortable to fight. They’ll just call 9-1-1 and hope someone saves them in time.

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    Here in Florida’s 67 counties, we have 1.9 million concealed carry permit holders. On a one to one basis, that’s 1.9 handguns! I don’t think anyone has a good handle on how many others or long guns add to that number.

    But our new, uber-liberal, liberturd Agriculture Commissioner taking office in January, has her sites already set on the permitting process that is under the Agriculture Commission’s supervision. Her objective is to make the permit application and RENEWAL process far more difficult than it is. Maybe I could go for denying permits to felons and domestic or other violence perps and assorted other crazies being denied a carry permit, but Democrap activist and lawyer Nikki Fried is focused on nothing but doing law abiding citizens harm. In a preemptive move, however, the legislature is already considering alternative state agencies to move the permitting process to before the chair occupants change.

    But there is other gloom on the horizon. Florida anti-gun activists are already planning a signature gathering effort to post on the 2020 ballot an amendment to the state constitution to ban certain weapons and accessories. It only requires the collection of 750,000 or so valid, registered voter signatures to meet the threshold, and then it goes to the voters, and snowflakes will flock to this like flies to fecal matter. I don’t know how it’ll work out, but if it passes, the ban be legal, as SCOTUS has declined hearing appeals from states where the bans are in place. Given the shenanigans of Democraps in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, I foresee 745,000 or so of those needed signatures coming from there alone….

    So, Floridians, if you don’t have an AR by now, go get one. Ammo up, too. You can buy an AR and a good red dot or sweep site for under $500, but if this amendment effort takes root, the price is likely to go up. I got mine. Got a Glock, too, as well as a CHICOM CK54 that I liberated from a VC who didn’t need it anymore…..

    And don’t forget Bro, you have plenty of environmentally friendly alligators to properly recycle the bodies!