2016: Obama’s America

Posted August 25th, 2012 by Iron Mike

See this movie!
Take a MoonBat with you!!

A goodly group of us from Acton and hereabouts went to see this movie last night at Solomon Pond.  It is stunning in it’s presentation and in showing how Obama’s mindset was formed and why he is so anti-American [and so anti-White] in his views.

And yes, it is scary to think of an unfettered Obama running amok for four more years.

Author/producer Dinesh D’Sousa was the perfect person to make this movie. 

I was struck by the scene where he interviews Obama’s half-brother George in Nairobi. 

George is clearly the smarter and the nicer brother.  George also wrote a book, not about himself, but about post-colonial economics.  George isn’t filled with bitterness, hate, or rancor.

Folks, this IS one  of the most powerful movies you’ll see, and there are just 72 days left.  Please take a MoonBat with you to see it.  The $11.oo you’ll pay for their ticket will be the best campaign contribution you’ll ever make!



3 Responses to “2016: Obama’s America”

  1. Tom

    It is easy to see why Barack and his brother George are not best buds. They are diametrically supposed to each other politically and while brother Barack is clearly a communist, brother George is definitely not. If you combIne this move with Trevor Louden’s diffinitive expose on Obama this could convert the most ardent Moonbat,…well maybe.

  2. Kelly Curran

    In Dinesh D’Sousa’s own words ” The country is being run by the ghost of a drunken, wife beating, African tribesman”, well that about sums it up.

    Go see the movie, I brought my kids and they thought it was very eye opening and educational. To the OOC people, great place to leave those flyers.

  3. George Stamas

    As further validation of Obysmal’s hypocrisy; Dinesh D’Sousa confirmed on the Howie Carr show that when George Obama needed a $1000 to have his 2 year son treated for a respiratory problem at a local hospital he didn’t call his brother at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. He called Dinesh as he needed someone he could depend on.