2016: Cheney v. Hillary?

Posted June 16th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Watching the now-healthy Dick Cheney chat with Chris Wallace this morning I was struck with a vision…Dick running against Hillary Clinton come 2016.
Cheney on Fox News
I think the Democrats are willing to forgive any and all of Hillary’s crimes and sins [Rose Law Firm double-billing, Whitewater real estate swindle, drug smuggling, Travelgate, Lewinsky cover-up, Fast & Furious, Benghazi cover-up] – just to make her America’s first woman president.

Biden out to pastureThe very words – Democrat woman – and Hillary – seem to make her the inevitable Democrat nominee.

Biden, – you’re to be put out to pasture.

And with the mindless fanaticism of some feminists, she will be a juggernaut.
Three Patriots and a Traitor
So as I watched, I was comparing Dick to two other worthy potentials – Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.   I could vote happily for any of them, but only Cheney has the answers at his fingertips.Obamaprompter

If he were elected, we’d go a full four years without seeing a teleprompter.

2 Responses to “2016: Cheney v. Hillary?”

  1. Casey Chapman

    I’d love to see a Rand Paul-Ted Cruz ticket myself. Cheney is too much of a progressive.

  2. jlflick

    Cheney and Halliburton are synonymous, much like Romney’s Bain. How would he overcome that albatross?