Obama-appointed Judge William H. Orrick III wants to protect the evil ladies working in abortion clinics. He issued an Emergency TRO [Temporary Restraining Order] to halt CMP from releasing any more in their series of video exposés.

RIP: Lynn Anderson

July 31st, 2015

I’ll miss you Classy Lady.  Hope to see you again in the Rose Garden!

Boehner is in the Baby Body-Part Business!  Talk about ‘Degrees of Separation’,  – there are NONE! Speaker Boehner’s congressional assistant [on our payroll] for all things medical – like ObamaCare and Abortion – is Charlotte Spears Ivancic.  Her little lesbian sister Cate Dyer founded and runs StemExpress LLC which buys and sells baby body parts […]

If there was ever a long-forgotten Goddess of Bad Karma,  Withered Crops,  and Retribution, – surely her name was Hillary! “The Heiress to the Throne” can’t seem to catch a break; – new crap keeps surfacing every day.  Today she gets a double dose:   Swiss Bank UBS and Bill’s “Energizer” Gal-Pal.

Equal Opportunity at it’s FINEST!   Proving beyond a doubt that a Black Man from Philly can finagle campaign funds and skirt the Law with the best of Boston’s Irish Goons or Chicago’s Mob Thugs. Chaka Fattah has represented Pennsylvania’s 2nd Congressional District for 10 years.  Now he’s ~ accused ~ of getting a fake loan for his failed […]

A Republican vs RiNO fight is on in the House of Representatives. Rep Mark Meadows – a 2-term Congressman from Western North Carolina is leading a revolt against Speaker Boehner.  He just filed an almost unheard of Motion to Vacate the Chair!  That take real guts!

WHAT Was On That Phone Tom?

July 28th, 2015

NFL’s Roger Goodell UPHOLDS 4 game Brady suspension, – cites destroyed cell phone as significant evidence of being ‘uncooperative’. Does our New England Football Hero have a “Hillary Clinton Email Problem”?   Are we looking at something bigger than air pressure in January footballs?

He travels the world like a conquering emperor – always aware of the camera angles and the lighting, – eager to lecture foreign leaders about Peace and Gay Rights – like a Black Jimmy Carter… But back home in the USA, – he has totally ignored the folks who put him in office – poor […]

Your Tax Dollars at work, every day in America!  And NO, – it’s NOT for ‘women’s health’!! CAUTION:  GRAPHIC and CHILLING video below the fold: