2015 Summer Riots Begin In Baltimore

Posted April 27th, 2015 by Iron Mike

If Eddie Gray was a victim of police racism – that fact will be lost in the mayhem which has followed.  WHERE is the calming voice of Obama? He lives just 41 miles away!
Baltimore Black Lives Matter

The city of 622,000 is 64% Black,  and when these riots are finally over,  more white families will depart.  Mayor Rawlings-Blake just made that an easy decision.

Mayor Rawlings-BlakeClearly in WAY over her head, she told the cops to back off and let the rioters break stuff and loot. I can’t imagine what management school she picked that gem up in…

Meanwhile, after waiting for things to heat up, Al Sharpton is driving down from the Big City….looking for yet more TV cameras,…and another PAYDAY. Al is very much like an African Vulture – he comes to pick the flesh of dead black kids.

Since the Mayor gave the green light to the street mobs, – the cops have received word that certain drug gangs have offered a bounty on dead cops.

Obama may now get the opportunity he’s wanted – a chance to impose martial law. Baltimore – with it’s back to the sea – would be a good place to start, – but he won’t like the way it ends.

Neither will Martin O’Malley – who just last week ~ was ~ thinking of challenging Hillary.  But with Baltimore burning on the nation’s TV screens….

And the summer of 2015 has just ~ barely ~ begun….

So in our 7th Obama Summer, – exactly what is the Obama Legacy on American Race Relations…?

Obama Slapstick Comedy

By Summer, law-abiding US Citizens better be armed and ready to protect life and property!  Obama won’t!  Mayors like Rawlings-Blake have no clue…

UPDATE Baltimore Monday afternoon RIOTS


3 Responses to “2015 Summer Riots Begin In Baltimore”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    The Mayor, Rawlings-Blake, is a lawyer, but obviously does not know the law or her oath of office. Al will be arriving soon with his enterrauge of race baiters. This is the first of the Summer riiot season, there will be more and Obama and Lynch will be anxious to declare martial law.

  2. kojack

    “By Summer, law-abiding US Citizens better be armed and ready to protect life and property!”

    The irony is that the gun laws in every NE state except NH and VT is stacked against law-abiding citizens who want guns to protect themselves which would also aid in preserving civil order.

  3. Hawk1776

    The black migration into Baltimore began after WW2. Typical story, blacks moved in whites moved out. Now it has an incompetent mayor elected by a black majority because she is black. She may be a nice person, but she’s hopeless as a mayor.

    Whatever happened to Eddie Grey should be thoroughly investigated and if the police acted improperly they should be punished. But what does it say about a community that uses an incident such as this to riot? When is the last time there were white riots?

    Just for once I’d like to here Obama condemn the rioters and tell the black community to shape up and start acting like responsible citizens.