2015: A Summer Of Riots And Fire?

Posted May 1st, 2015 by Iron Mike

It wasn’t really Huey P. Newton who coined the phrase, – it was a disk jockey named “Magnificent Montague”, – talking about the 1965 Watts riots.   Huey just adopted it, – as did a lot of angry Blacks of the era.Burning Map
50 years ago Newton, Bobby Seale, and the Black Panthers couldn’t wait for the kind of change Martin Luther King Jr. was espousing.  They weren’t filled with hope or love.

Now it seems we’re back there again, – a nation divided, – and poised to explode and burn in the heat of the summer.

Magnificent Montague

And we are ‘led’ by a pResident determined to carve his legacy in the soft sandstone of an Iranian nuclear treaty and a Chinese trade agreement, – and a flood of illegal immigrants from Mexico.

If angry Blacks choose to riot and burn – to protest alleged mistreatment by white police officers – they will be playing into the long-term plans of Soros and Obama.

They’ll be setting the conditions for “federalization” of local municipal police forces,  the beginnings of an American Gestapo….

Which is EXACTLY what the left-wingers want! [Or think they do…]

Watts 1965

So watch to see how many cities and towns have ‘protests’ and riots this weekend.

Watch the college graduations – how many are marked by stupid left-wing brainwashed 22 year old know-it-alls protesting white privilidge and white cops…

And go nowhere unarmed or unaware this Spring and Summer….

And most of all, – plan to sit your kids and your grandkids down for a little history lesson, – – how 50 years of our nation struggling to ‘do the right thing’ by way of ‘Civil Rights’‘Equal Rights’,  and ‘Affirmative Action’,…has been flushed down the toilet in just 6 years – by a ‘Black pResident’ – who hates our country and the people in it…

Explain that 50 years ago – most of our big cities still had manufacturing jobs – where young men and women could find work when they graduated high school, – and expect to make an honest living.

Explain how in the past 50 years Democrats [aka world socialists], aided by labor unions, – have pushed those jobs overseas with regulations and taxes.

Explain how young men without the hope of ever earning a man’s living – lose their dignity and their self respect, – and fall easy victims to drugs, crime, and cunning voices like Al Sharpton – who promises a ‘quick fix’…

4 Responses to “2015: A Summer Of Riots And Fire?”

  1. panther6

    Mike; Yes sir, it may well be a long hot summer. When will our politicians learn to tell it like it, even if it hurts. When will they start telling the thugs to get off the streets or we will clear you off the streets. The leadership in Baltimore is more than incompetent, it is a disgrace and that starts with the mayor right on down. Mark Twain had an adage, “When in doubt tell the truth.” Leaders around the country would do well to adopt it.


    “Tell the TRUTH”?

    Hell Sir, some of these socialists haven’t HEARD the truth – or TOLD the truth, – for nearly their entire lifetimes! They wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and BIT them!

  2. Flick

    Where to start? Soros owes 7 billion in back taxes. Sharpton owes chump change of 4 million. Soros funds the rioters, Sharpton’s now doing damage control for the Baltimoron Mayor. I say put them all in the same cell and throw away the key.

  3. Walter Knight

    Now I’m told I can’t say ‘thugs’ anymore. I’m going back to ‘assholes.’