2013: Our Summer Of Thuggery

Posted August 23rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

RIP: Delbert ‘Shorty’ Belton – 88 – WWII Veteran, wounded on Okinawa.RIP Shorty Belton
You didn’t deserve this Shorty – none of us do.  But we’re seeing a lot of Black-on-White crime this summer.  Is it the Trayvon verdict,  or Obama’s indifference, – or both? 
Know these goons? Call Major Crimes at (509) 477-5980
UPDATE: 11 am Spokane police have one teen in custody [developing]

In custody is Demetrius Glenn, 16, [told cops the shorts he was wearing are not the ones in the video], cops still looking for Kenan Adams-Kinard.Demetrius Glenn

Kenan, have you updated your Facebook page yet?  You just made ‘Gangst’a’! The bros at Walla Walla can’t wait to meet you two!Kenan D. Adams-Kinard

Kenan Adams-Kinard

 UPDATE:  Kenan CAPTURED at 3 AM Monday – hiding in a basement.

8 Responses to “2013: Our Summer Of Thuggery”

  1. Casey Chapman

    I’d say it’s a combination of Obama’s indifference and Holder’s refusal to prosecute any black on white crimes.

  2. Tom

    We will not hear from Obama, he is on his college diversion tour. We will not hear from the race baiters, Jackson and Sharpton. We will not hear from the MSM that the perps are Black thugs. The black on white and black on black violence is out of control. There was no weapon used in the senseless murder so the MSNBC talking heads will have no anti-gun rhetoric to rant about.
    It is a sad commentary that you could survive Okinawa and die on the streets of Spokane. Thank you for your service and may you rest in peace.

  3. haddanuff

    Truly one of the most disgusting, horrific, needless crimes of recent, if you can consider any murder of anyone not disgusting, horrific and needless. But it seems there is a plethora of black on white crimes that should be far more sensationalized than the Zimmerman case ever was, that need to be stacked up and served on a platter to the race baiters.

    Instead they are being being focused on as individual examples even when happening almost concurrently: http://www.gopusa.com/theloft/2013/08/23/wheres-the-racial-outrage-from-barack-obama-this-time/?subscriber=1

    So troubled by all these murders, but none of them could have been Obama’s son, so crickets from them.

  4. Kojack

    The two COWARDS beat an elderly vet to death…that alone shows what gangs are REALLY made. I didn’t always make the best choices in my teens but I sure as hell never wanted to be associated with cowards. Thank you for your service, Mr. Belton. RIP

  5. haddanuff

    Two White Brothers Shot To Death In Florida – Police Deny Connection To ‘Free Zimmerman Bumper…

  6. Walter Knight

    It appears we are losing the war. Too bad Republican can’t unite.

  7. Hawk1776

    Really a sad event. It’s impossible to imagine how someone could do that. There is something seriously wrong with those kids.

    The reason you don’t hear about it is that it’s the wrong story.

    MSM doesn’t care bout an old white guy being murdered. Obama doesn’t care about it because it doesn’t excite his base or reinforce his narrative. The only people who care are average Americans, the one’s who work, raise families, pay taxes, and serve in the armed forces.

    It’s time for this silent majority to raise their voices and take this country back.

  8. Jacob

    Time to stop talking, time to unleash hell.