2 Massachusetts DAs IGNORE Their OATHS

Posted April 29th, 2019 by Iron Mike

My oath to uphold the Constitution? Silly,…that was just a quaint old ceremony…”.

Two die-hard liberal Democrat DAs are suing ICE – to keep them away from state courthouses – and stop them from arresting illegals, – either in the buildings or on the steps. “Screw those honest US Citizens who often are their victims!”

It would seem that both Ryan and Rollins have forgotten the horrific murders of the two Boston doctors in 2017 – Dr. Richard Field and his Fiancée Dr. Lina Bolanos,  – who had their throats slit by Bampumin Teixeira,  – who had previously avoided deportation by the maneuverings of a sleazy attorney and a sympathetic liberal judge – for two (2) separate bank robberies.

UNDERSTAND LIBERAL THINKING: They actually look upon the murder of two great doctors as “acceptable collateral damage” – if it means more illegals get to stay – and register to vote as Democrats.

Winning elections is more important than public safety.

So instead of tightening up in the year following the Doctor Murders,  there was Judge Joseph – keeping ICE outside of her Newton courtroom,  – and ordering her bailiff to ease a wanted illegal felon out the back door and over the wall.

Now after Judge Joseph and her bailiff face Federal Charges,  – these two MassHole DAs are filing suit,  – so they can keep on letting illegal alien criminals slip through the system….

At RRB,  we kind’a hope Judge Joseph does jail time!

UPDATE: Tues, 30 April 2019    Not to be cowed by threatened lawsuits from Mass MoonBat Traitors, – ICE plucked up two (2) El Salvadorian illegals from the Suffolk County Courthouse – one an MS-13 gangbanger, the other a Barrio 18 gangbanger.   Hey Rachael,  – just consider it as Trump picking up the trash….

UPDATE:  Wed 23 May 2019   Liberal arrogance continues!  US Attorney Andrew Lelling offered Judge Joseph a plea deal to avoid prosecution,  – if she would admit her guilt in letting the illegal escape capture by ICE.

She declined.  Maybe she thinks a liberal Massachusetts jury will let her off…?

4 Responses to “2 Massachusetts DAs IGNORE Their OATHS”

  1. Varvara

    How much was she paid to let them out the back door?


    Not enough to cover her loss of salary and her attorney’s fees – that’s for sure!

    AND, if convicted – she’ll lose her law license too….

  2. Leonard Mead

    This “above the law” behavior by so many liberals in Massachusetts is prompting me to:

    – Sell my summer chalet in Barre I have enjoyed for 6 years as a base to visit my son and Grandchildren in Massachusetts
    – Abandon any plans I had for buying another antique “fixer-upper” house in Massachusetts to continue to see my son and Grandchildren in favor of buying in NH or CT.

    Supporting any more of this criminal behavior with a dime of my tax dollars just ain’t gonna happen. I’ve had MORE than enough. As have thousands of others fleeing this “SANCTUARY” state.

    Len Mead.
    Unwashed Conservative

  3. Sherox

    Nothing is going to happen to these liberals, especially when you remember who is the governor and who is the speaker of the house.

  4. Kojack

    This is to be expected in MASS-HOLE-A-CHUSSETTS, a state that RE-ELECTED A YOUNG WOMAN’S MURDERER OVER AND OVER AGAIN UNTIL HE WAS RETIRED BY GOD AND ULIMATELY REPLACED HIM WITH A SANCTAMONIOUS, BLATANT FRAUD. “Laws for thee and not for me” applies to the gov’t of MASS-HOLE-A-CHUSSETTS more than any other state.