1980–2016 Trump’s Journey To Washington

Posted June 12th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Donald J. Trump:  The Long Road to the White House
Trump through the years
If you’re a Trump Hater,  – or a Trump Skeptic;  listen to this and note a certain consistency of theme and ideas….over 36 years and 5 presidents.

Now,…T-H-I-N-K….did you hear any of Hillary’s kind of double-talk?

Did you hear any real reversal of political or economic positions…?

Did you hear any lies…?

Gee,…maybe Trump isn’t “smooth like a Politician”….because he isn’t one…?

After 7½ years of Obama,  – do you want more lies,  more double-talk;   – or would some plain talk be a welcome change?

Hillary can't fix what Obama has broken

3 Responses to “1980–2016 Trump’s Journey To Washington”

  1. Hawk1776

    It’s simple. Anyone who declines to vote for Trump by default has voted for Hillary. If you want Hillary to be President, either vote for her or don’t vote for Trump. If you think Hillary will be as bad a President as Obama or worse, vote for Trump. If you believe the country can’t tolerate another four years of Democratic rule, vote for Trump.

  2. Sherox

    Exactly, Hawk1776

  3. Mt Woman

    I remember seeing a short video last year of Trump speaking with Oprah Winfrey back several decades. His positions were identical to what he holds firm today. He has been very consistent over the generations in core beliefs.