1963 – 2013: A Dream…Squandered…

Posted August 24th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Squandered Dream

4 Responses to “1963 – 2013: A Dream…Squandered…”

  1. kevin mcgreath

    my comment is, im 66yrs. old. i have been screaming for yrs. the downfall of america will come from within. and from a party called progressive democratic liberalism.in other words “COMMUNISM”! and here it is.and this dictator obama remains in command. am i dreaming? is so shake me, and wake me!i am stunned how people havent taken to the streets in protest.in my opinion, as a christian. this guy is the devils advocate, if not the devil himself.he should be impeached now! and lets quit the politics. he can only be impeached because of this law, and that law, bullshit!if hes not impeachable over some foolish law, or technicality, he and congress should be removed, and deported bodily! please dont take me as a radical, but isnt that what the colonists were? as you can tell by my name, im from irish heritage.born in the usa. and theres a song called the patriot game.its about the love of ones country. and i love mine the usa.lets remove this tyrant now. and show future commie dictators, we just wont stand for it!

  2. Tom

    What would MLK think about the race hustlers? What would he think of the results of the “War on Poverty”? What would he think of the black on black violence, , the black unemployment rate, the fatherless black society, the black graduation rate and the overwhelming black prison population? Finally, what would he think of an administration who has does nothing but perpetuate all of the above.

  3. Hawk1776

    Great questions. It’s been fifty years since the IHAD speech. Fifty years of special treatment for blacks. Fifty years of racial quotas. Fifty years of failing to take personal responsibility.

    There are a lot of successful, hard working, well educated blacks who have families, pay taxes and contribute to the well being of this country. I have no complaint with them. My complaint is with those who think this country owes them a living; who think that being black entitles them to handouts; those who expect special treatment for a history of slavery that ended 150 years ago.

    I have a dream too. I dream of a time when people actually work for a living. When they aren’t “disrespected” by a low-paying job. When there is personal accountability. When there are two-parent families. When women don’t have babies as a means to increase their welfare checks. When you can fire a black person without worrying about being brought up on a civil rights complaint.

    I think race relations have gone dramatically downhill since Obama took office. I fear my dream is fading.

  4. Casey Chapman

    Dr. King would not recognize the country today. HE was not a communist, as far as I know. HE would not create a permanent victimology industry, unlike rev Jackson, et al.