1,800 Brain-DEAD Concord MoonBats

Posted August 26th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The future of our Nation is in some doubt.   Trump can only buy us a few years,  and there may not be enough Patriots left to outvote these vacuous emotional children.

The scene at Concord-Carlisle was truly frightening;  – 1,800 Democrat voters waiting quietly,  patiently,  obediently, – in line for 90+ minutes for their chance to see the woman they expect to run against Trump in 2020.  I came to play the Tom-Tom.

OK, – so I’m a judgmental old bastard!   But most of the 1,800 looked like 2nd and 3rd generation government employees, – many teachers and civil servants, – all who could not possibly earn a private sector living – and afford to live in tax-heavy Concord without a hefty government paycheck.

White Privilege much…?   I saw exactly two (2) Black people all afternoon,  and a handful of South Asians,  – one who wanted me to stop drumming.

During the nearly 3 hours I was there, at least 50 folks came by to talk to me,  – and later to ask / demand that I stop drumming.  One even asked what the feathers were all about.

Where have these people been hiding?

Where do they get their news?

While most of the interactions were brief – a few including one pathetic creature stayed in front of me (maybe they thought they were blocking my noise?) and were determined to engage in ‘dialogue’.

And that’s when I realized how very little they know about our political system, – about our History,  – and even about the History of their own Democrat Party.  At least six didn’t even know the name of their OTHER US senator….

Not one person could tell me a SINGLE THING Warren has done since being elected.

The ONE SINGLE THING they’re SURE of is that: “She’s fighting for the Little Guy!”

Given that Obama won with the empty slogans of “Hope!” and “Change!”,…that may be all she needs, – unless Republicans can mount an informational campaign designed to reach the intellectual level of 8th Graders,….because the Squaw OWNS these empty headsTOTALLY.

Re-wiring Democracy”?  This crowd understands the code; – it means Socialism and Wealth re-distribution, – – and these fools think that somehow they’ll BENEFIT from it!

Useful Idiots!

And WHERE you might ask were the Concord Republicans or the MassGOP?

There were 1,800 Democrat voters – stuck in a line for well over 90 minutes – “targets in the open” – – and there were no Republicans there handing out fact sheets?

At some point I have to ask:  Who is the more brain-dead, – these pathetic emotion-voting MoonBats, – or my Republican Party officials?!?

FOOTNOTE:   At about 6 PM two Sergeants from the Concord PD showed up – crowd control and maybe Senator safety.   Many of the Democrats went to them and asked them to stop me from drumming.   But Concord’s finest know our Constitution,  – and the looks of disbelief on the MoonBats’ faces were priceless!  

B-I-G Tango Yankee Gents!

12 Responses to “1,800 Brain-DEAD Concord MoonBats”

  1. Asusue

    God bless you, Mike. You are a true patriot really fighting for this country. Again. Thank you

  2. Lonnie

    You are my hero!!!!

  3. Frank

    Mike is THE man… an exceptionally great patriot indeed. Sharing at NewEnglandForTrump.com

  4. Kojack

    Thank you, Mike for putting a little rain on their parade. What a bunch of PATHETIC MORONS.

    I just hope it’s true that LIE-A-WATHA is polling upside down in MA.

  5. Sonny's Mom

    RR BLOG: But no antifa sightings?


    Nah, just a couple of Lyndon LaRouche followers – one wearing a Lenin Flag lapel pin.

  6. Migliorini John

    Thank you! Truly outstanding to engage those fools.
    Mass GOP? Just a notch down from the squaw.

  7. Catherine

    THANK YOU Iron Mike!

  8. Reverend E. Raleigh Pimperton III

    Iron Mike,

    You are the man! I was out of town but would have loved to see you at the Great Pow Wow. Have Warren’s DNA test result come back yet?

    The Reverend

  9. Mt Woman

    I bow to your bravery Mr. Iron (Man) Mike.

  10. Hawk1776

    Way to go Mike.

  11. GreenBeretLTC

    It’s ironic that in the cradle of the fight for independence from a big, tax-heavy, tyrannical government, the folks from Concord and surrounding areas assemble to favor the chief (pun intended…) proponent of big, tax-heavy, tyrannical government….

    As a side note: Just last night I was among a group of high school teachers (the Lord only knows how the heck “I” got into that crowd….), listening to their pre-return school banter. With a smirk, and in lightening round fashion, I pointed to several and asked “What is the capital of Iowa? What is the capitol of Iowa? What is the capitol of Iowa?” ZERO! Not a one…. Although one did posit “Duluth”….

    I was then bombarded with a tirade against Monsanto and it business practices. “What”, I asked “could possibly be wrong with developing farming products that improve crop yield and make them less susceptible to insects and disease, or building products that make homes and buildings less susceptible to wind and flooding?” OIL was the answer! Plastics! GMO’s….

    After finishing my third martini, and smashing numerous times my head against a nearby tree, I left. My wife comforted me as we walked across our driveway, which my neighbor’s guests had blocked with their cars….

    Now, I know there are qualified and high-quality teachers out there, but I’m still left to observe: No wonder Johnny can’t read, and no wonder the survival of our great, young republic is in such danger….

  12. Jim Gettens

    Iron Mike, I commend you for your brave and lonely stand against Chief Screeching Bitch, her ‘Watters’ World’-type followers, and the destructive agenda they advance.

    That 1800 or so Lefty Robots would line up to hear this Commie Bitch is truly frightening but exemplifies Massachusetts’ pervasive ideological degradation, corruption, and perversion.

    Recently I made a donation to Diehl for U.S. Senate and requested bumper stickers.

    Since Karl Rove’s RINO PAC and the RINO GOP are spending vast amounts to prop up Strange in Alabama, Flake in Arizona, and Heller in Nevada, I sent money to their REAL REPUBLICAN opponents–Roy Moore, Kelli Ward, and Danny Tarkanian, respectively–too.

    FOLKS, any donations you can make to Anti-RINO Republican candidates around the U.S. can go a LONG way. In the Alabama primary, RINO Strange outspent Roy Moore 17-1 but Moore is still up in the polls for the Sept. 26 run-off…