150 Fake Republicans See An Opening

Posted May 13th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Like jackals and buzzards circling a dying animal,  the never-Trumpers are gathering for a feast.

When you see names like Evan McMullin and Anthony Scaramucci,  you know their intentions are unseemly…and very self-serving.

And if you take time to read their MANIFESTO,  – you’ll note the total lack of any mention about our 2nd Amendment or ending abortion. 

Their writing gives you a clue;  – they’re RiNOs at best,  more likely Democrats and Globalists.

These are the ivy league country club cocktail sipping “Republicans”,  – elitists who have no clue how most Americans make a living.

As the National Republican Party licks its 2020 wounds and tries to figure out how to win statewide and congressional races in 2022, bear in mind there will be hundreds of so-called “Republicans” running around selling their resumes and their ‘experience’.

If they sucked in 2012 and 2016,  – trust me – THEY STILL SUCK!

If they won’t stand up for unborn babies in 2021 and 2022,  – they NEVER WILL!

If they won’t show you their concealed carry permit,  – then they won’t stand up for YOUR RIGHT to CARRY.

If your local City and Town Republican leaders aren’t able to stand up and SPEAK CLEAR REPUBLICAN on the KEY ISSUES FACING US – unelect them!!   Replace them with younger media-savvy leaders.

If your local “Republican Leadership” cannot explain what Critical Race Theory is,  – and why you should oppose it,  – they are lost – stuck in the Bush presidencies,  – and just don’t know enough to lead you today.   BOOT THEM!

If you’re too young to remember 1992,  – or still don’t understand what happened back 29 years ago – –

– – just know that Ross Perot talked a good line – and those 19% that voted for him would otherwise have voted for GHW Bush,  – and Clinton would have stayed home in Arkansas smuggling drugs in from Columbia…

One Response to “150 Fake Republicans See An Opening”

  1. Jim Buba

    We’d do well to convene a conference for ALL democrats and select RINOs …

    In Gaza City