Here we are.  A new day.  Same President.  We didn’t want it to go this way, but it did.

Some positive notes: 

  • Does anyone miss the endless phone calls?
  • How about the emails pleading for money?
  • How about meetings, planning for meetings, travel to and from meetings?
  • How about the yard signs (you did take yours down, didn’t you?)?
  • How about the free time that’s suddenly available?  I think that Sue and I were spending more than 25 hours a week during the last few months of the campaign.

Let’s all take a deep breath.  Like this:  In Out In Out… ok, good.

Now a lot is going to happen in the next few weeks surrounding the tax increase cliff hanger.  Pay attention.  This will be a big issue for the Congressional elections in 2014.  Depending on what happens we’ll see the economy tank even more.  If the Republicans can hold the line.  Which I doubt they can.  Boehner’s not the confrontational kind.  Gingrich was.  But he’s not there.


Tea Parties will re-group and reform.  We’ll set new goals and objectives.  Some will be short-term, like recruiting and education; others more long-term, like planning on what we’re going to do in the next election.  Unlike this time, there won’t be a national focus since we’ll be concentrating on Congress.  Just like in 2010.  We can pick and choose our targets and channel our activities in that direction.  It worked before.  It’ll work again.

So, after you take a few breaths, jot down some ideas.  Think long and hard about how much you can afford to sit back and do nothing.  It shouldn’t be hard to decide.  Time is always short.  There is much to be done.  You need to be involved.

See you at a Tea Party meeting.  If not, I’ll come looking for you.

2 Responses to “1,461 Things You Can Do Before the Election… That’s how close we are…”

  1. Tom

    I don’t know about you, but I am beat emotionally and physically. I need a rest and maybe I can recharge and get back in the fight,

  2. Mc Lynn

    Well , it’s all about demographics. You made it so difficult for European folks to travel ,settle in USA , what did you expect ? now you get latinos, muslims and you cant keep up with demographics… European folks would have voted for Republicans, after all where did pioneers come from ? You just forgot where you came from , for the sake of cheap labor. But cheap labor doesnt build a strong republican society.