14 Students Stabbed At Lone Star College

Posted April 9th, 2013 by Iron Mike

21-year old misfit used an X-Acto knife.  Apologists already suggesting he was ‘bullied‘.
Dylan A Quick

LanzaIt took 115 days for us to learn the truth about Newtown shooter Adam Lanza; – a family history of mental illnessWhy so long?

BECAUSE the socialist gun grabbers are using that tragedy to their advantage.  They’re in full Hitler mode, – writing laws which violate our Constitution, our 2nd Amendment, and our God-given Rights.
Apr 11, 7:13 PM (ET)

HOUSTON (AP) – A man accused of stabbing more than a dozen people at a Houston-area college told investigators that he had fantasized about cannibalism and necrophilia and about cutting off people’s faces and wearing them as masks, according to a court document made public on Thursday.

Dylan Quick also told an investigator that he had researched mass stabbings on his home computer about a week before the attack at Lone Star College in Cypress, according to a search warrant affidavit.

“He stated that he had read numerous books about mass killings and serial killers which are also located at his residence,” the affidavit said.

Quick is being held without bond on three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for Tuesday’s attack that injured 14 people. Only one person remained hospitalized Thursday, and that person was listed in good condition.

3 Responses to “14 Students Stabbed At Lone Star College”

  1. Flick

    How many more ‘misfits’ are out there looking for their faces to be made famous? We’ve opened a Pandora’s Box of notoriety that can not be contained anymore. Once YouTube was the venue for idiots, now national news stations are gratuitously available for exposure.

    Where will it end?

  2. Casey Chapman

    Just waiting for them to ban knives instead of re-building our mental health system. Disarming honest law abiding citizens is always the easy way to go.

  3. Kojack

    Time for some serious knife control.