1,326,612 Dead Americans

Posted November 5th, 2012 by Iron Mike

…and another 1,531,036 wounded didn’t serve, suffer, and die so we could live in a socialist dictatorship!

From Lexington Green to the Hindu Kush – Americans have stood up to tyrants, dictators, fascists, socialists, and communists, – and lately to Islamic fascists.

1,326,612 have been killed, another 1,531,036 wounded.  Over 38,000 are missing – and are unlikely to ever be accounted for.

Tomorrow you exercise the most priceless gift they could ever give you – your right to vote.  YOU will determine the future of the earth we live on.


None of these men and women marched forth and fought so their children and grandchildren could live as wards or subjects in a socialist society run by a self-appointed elite.

They fought for individual liberty, religious freedom, and the dignity of the individual making his or her own choices in life.

Americans have died by the thousands to liberate millions of people worldwide.

We didn’t do it to then vote to subject ourselves to a home-grown tyrant!

In Vietnam I watched some of the bravest soldiers I’ve ever known – ARVN Paratroopers – fight a prolonged battle at An Loc – surrounded for 7 weeks and outnumbered 6-1.  They understood the difference between liberty and communism was.

In the end, their weak leaders – and OUR weak leaders – caused them to lose that war.  It is a lesson I can never forget.

We’ve watched for 4 years what a weak, spineless leader and ardent liar Obama is. 

He does not deserve another day in office, let alone another term.  Vote him OUT Tuesday.


These men did not die fighting National Socialism so that you could vote to live under Obama’s Progressive Socialism!








3 Responses to “1,326,612 Dead Americans”

  1. Tom

    There is no more that can be said other than, Amen.

  2. Blossom Stiefel

    November 6, 2012 is a pivotal day in American history. Americans will choose between pursuing the vision of the Founding Fathers or pursuing the vision of leftwing radicals who reject our Constitution and our American way of life. Our children and grandchildren need the wonderful country that we were blessed to grow up in.

    Under Obama and his administration, our bad economy has become a catastrophy, and the “most transparent administration in history” has hidden and lied about everything. Our foreign policy has emboldened our worst enemies, the world is in turmoil as never before. Islam is dedicated to the destruction of America and Israel, and we are watching the consequences of this administration’s policy of apology and appeasement across the globe.

    Let’s vote and pray for our great country. Our children and grandchildren are depending on us.

  3. Karen G

    It is amazing how so many of us forget about the selfless ultimate sacrifice that so many of our fellow Americans have made for ALL of us. The fraud who will hopefully be leaving the White House after tomorrow, could care less about them and why they died. He indeed DOES NOT deserve to stay another millisecond in Washington. I pray in earnest that voters today find the courgae and wisdom to vote him out.

    Thank you for this post Iron Mike. It is a sad, yet necessary, reminder of the gift given to us by our Armed Services and their families — FREEDOM.