10 Cowardly RiNOs Betray Their President

Posted January 13th, 2021 by Iron Mike

“RiNO” means Republican in NAME only,…and these ten, – along with Mitt Romney and MassHole Governor Charlie FAKER epitomize the species.

Of these 10 who just voted WITH their Democrap co-conspirators,  – Liz Cheney should have bitter personal memories of the times when her own father was being accused of high crimes,  – by some of the very same Democrats still in Congress.

You ~ might ~ imagine that Liz Cheney would remember back to when her Dad was Secretary of Defense,  – and then Vice President….

On both occasions Democrats and their media allies tried to generate a scandal and even an impeachment over the DOD using Halliburton to assist supplying our troops in our two desert wars….

At both times in our two wars with Saddam Hussein, Halliburton was the only contractor on the face of the earth with the experience,  the logistics muscle,  and the key people already on their payroll – – able to step in immediately and start feeding, fueling, and supplying our suddenly deployed forces.

Cheney was innocent of any conflict of interest – had already liquidated his Halliburton stock,  but the media kept beating the drum….

You would think Liz is old enough to remember what it was like to see her dad unfairly accused and pilloried…..

…and you’d think she wouldn’t jump on the anti-Trump bandwagon,  – but she doesn’t seem to remember, – and she just made a VERY high-profile vote to impeach.

You’d think that all ten of these ingrates would understand that thanks to Trump,  we don’t have to go to war in the Middle East again to protect our oil supply,  – so that Americans don’t see gas lines again – and rationing…

Republicans should remember these back-stabbers:

Liz Cheney – Wyoming

Anthony Gonzalez – Ohio 16th

Jaime Herrera Beutler – Wash 3rd

John Katko NY 24th

Adam Kinzinger – Illinois 16th

Peter Meijer – Wisconsin 3rd

Dan Newhouse – Wash 4th

Tom Rice – SC 7th

Fred Upton – Michigan 6th

David Valadao – Calif – 21st 

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