Posted October 30th, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

Take note of this number. Write it down. Put it in your wallet, pocketbook, purse, handbag, or manpurse. Whatever. Make sure it’s with you on 11/2 when you go to vote. (You ARE going to vote, aren’t you?)

I only got to vote ONCE!

What is it? It’s the US Department of Justice number to report voting irregularities, fraud, election rigging, any illegal act with respect to elections. Use it. If you make a report, ask the person to whom you’re talking for their name and id number. Write it down. Tell them you want a report of the results of their investigation; that you want to know how they evaluated and took care of the problem. Tell them that you DON’T want a whitewash like the New Black Panther incident in Philadelphia.

This time is different. This time we want a fair election. This time the Dems won’t be able to cheat their way to victory. This time American principles will prevail. At least if we have anything to say about it. And we do. rr

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